1. inesingeniera

    Video planning for future highway

    Hi all, I have to plan a flight to follow a future highway project. By that I mean: I know where it will be placed and I would like to film a video following this 30 km project. What software could I use? I am not sure pix4d would be useful because I can only draw grids and not lines
  2. P

    Black verticle stripes running through video.

    I recently bought a used phantom 4, and after looking at the video I noticed that there are black verticle stripes running through the video. I did some research and reset all my camera settings and updated the drone, but the problem persisted. I turned over exposure warning off and the problem...
  3. G

    Getting strange vertical lines in all photos

    Getting strange lines in my photos. Problem wasn't there yesterday and was there on every photo I took today. Ugh! I've had my P4 for about six months and have used it extensively without a problem. My firmware is up to date. There isn't so much as the smallest nick on my P4. Never had any...
  4. eaglegoaltender

    P4 Camera - black/white angle stripes

    Hi everyone - Just went straight up in my backyard with my P4 to grab a photo of a great sunset........... Everything seemed find on my iPad screen then when I got above some trees, the sky shot had black and white angular lines where the sky should be. Everything but the sky shot was fine -...
  5. J

    #DRONEON YouTube Channel

    Newbie here, but created a YouTube channel about a month ago and thought I would share my latest video! If you like the video, check out #DRONEON on YouTube.
  6. V

    horizontal lines in image

    hi there did a search but couldn't find anything similar. i am getting horizontal lines in my image, definitely not shadows but some sort of artefact. any ideas?