1. digitech

    Uploading to social media

    Is there a way to upload “images” to social media from the controller?
  2. T

    Hi from Perth, Western Australia

    Hi All, I just joined the forum. I fly a Phantom 3 Standard, an oldie but a goodie! -Darren

    After updates, no signal from camera to RC. Flies good. Help

    Downloaded most recent updates today and after I restarted both drone and RC, I have a "NO SIGNAL" message upper left corner. No image transmission but it flies fine. Is there something that could have come disconnected (by coincidence at the same time) Thanks for your insight.
  4. C

    Can Anyone Fly In Arlington, VA

    I'm not sure if this is allowed if not I apologize. I need to get aerial pictures of a cemetery in Arlington, VA (NOT Arlington National Cemetery. I am a commercial pilot, as well as a commercial UAS pilot. If anyone has a drone that can fly in that airspace would you please contact me? I...
  5. Skyler King III

    Top corners of images are black...Wassup?

    See attached. No filter is attached. I have this on all of my images. Any ideas?
  6. A

    P3A image quality issues

    Hi all. I'm a new owner of a P3A that i have for 1 week now. I'm a professionnal videographer, so I'm used to color grade and work on video footages (DSRL 8 bits compressed footage, but i work a lot as well on blackmagic cameras, ProRes 422 10 bits or raw video 12 bits footage). Now, i have to...
  7. Y

    Please Help-Image Transmission always lag during flight

    Guys i need your help, my phantom 3 adv always show warning lost signal during flight, but the aircraft still under control. if the warning lost signal showed, the image in my smartphone going grey and stop, but the aircraft still can controlled. another trouble is when i try to direct gimbal...
  8. H

    My First image

    Well I have owned my P3S now for a few weeks, I'm now getting used to the controls to the point I can start trying to capture images and video, here is my first image. A misty sunrise over the North Lincolnshire Countryside. Any feedback welcome.
  9. tboarder

    Choppy footage. Any suggestions? DJI 3 Adv.

    Hi all, I'm a new owner of a Phantom 3 Advance and took it for a quick test filming the night after purchasing. The image quality I'm getting is terrible due to two main factors: Choppy/staggering footage Motion blur The second point should be just down to the shutter speed, which I will look...
  10. V

    horizontal lines in image

    hi there did a search but couldn't find anything similar. i am getting horizontal lines in my image, definitely not shadows but some sort of artefact. any ideas?