1. At the Mt Washington Hotel

    At the Mt Washington Hotel

    I used to live and work here in the 1980's
  2. Winter Doldrums

    Winter Doldrums

    Some of my favorite Winter Pix!
  3. R

    Quick Tips for Capturing Great Autumn Photos/Videos

    Link Here: #Autumn# An Ode To Fall Cinematic + TIPS on Shooting this Season Hello, Fall season is here and so I've compiled some TIPS for capturing the season with your drones! I quickly talk about PL filters, LUTS, birds, sensors and trees in the link below so feel free to ask for any...
  4. T

    Hi from Perth, Western Australia

    Hi All, I just joined the forum. I fly a Phantom 3 Standard, an oldie but a goodie! -Darren
  5. P

    Simultaneous video and photos

    I thought the P4P would take video and photos simultaneously, and I believe I have done so myself. Today, however, I pressed the shutter button on the RC while shooting a video and got nothing. Tried it several times. I have checked the user guide and even did a Google search but can't find...
  6. N

    problems in the height of the photos

    hello people I make a query yesterday take 2 pictures of the same place at different heights and the heights appear wrong because the photo at higher height fugura with less height than the other. and is more to take a picture when I take the drone, and figure 44 meters to heights in the photo...
  7. Grotz

    Video size is different on the same day

    Phantom 3 Standard. I flew three flights on the same day using the Auto settings. I took three videos each about the same length of time. The first two were about 2 gigs and the third was not even one gig of data which made that video very poor quality. Question: what could have changed, or why...
  8. closetmonster

    Help with black night shots....

    Hey Everybody, So I have read several posts about how to take night shots (I have a P3P) and I went out tonight, all excited and when I came back to view my photos, all I could see was blackness with a couple of street lights here and there. I have ISO set for 100, exposure time 2S (also tried...
  9. dougvg

    Photos reversed and color messed up since new firmware

    I "upgraded" to the new firmware yesterday (01.05.0300) and updated the Android version of Go 4 (1.1.28). Now, when I shoot a photo straight down using Litchi, the photo is upside-down and the color is off way toward the blue end. Other photos are OK. Any ideas?
  10. T

    Connection error when trying to view photos

    i have been using my iPhone 6 with no issues. I bought a different mount so I can use my iPad mini. Everything works great and I love the larger view. When trying to. It’s pictures/videos through the app, I receive an connection error. I can disconnect the iPad and reconnect my iPhone...
  11. Green Phantom

    ENHANCE your Photos!

    Hi Everyone. In this tutorial i am going to show you a Fast and Simple technique to make your photos really Shout and stand out from the crowd.
  12. M

    Phantom 3 standard Photography

    I recently purchased a Phantom 3 Standard. I have a few clients that are willing to pay me for a few photos of their house. Probably 10 photos total. How much should I charge? I have 10 Hours flight time total. I am 15 and live in Arizona. I am pretty good with my drone.
  13. tml4191

    "Ball is Life."

    P4P shot: SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity
  14. D

    Drone Photo and Video Contracts? Looking for a sample

    I have been doing pro drone work for about 2 years now. I have just been using my standard photo contract so far. Does anyone have a really good contract sample they would be willing to share with me? Mostly I do residential real estate but have been getting more requests for commercial work...
  15. tml4191

    Taytay Falls, Philippines HDR Photo~ Skypixel

    SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity The p4a was grounded for this shot since atti mode was the only option in the mountainous area. It's just 2 shots combined into one.
  16. hoanganspk

    Long Exposure with my Phantom 3S

    What's up everybody. Recently I've taken some night photos with my Phantom 3S. Hope everyone enjoy. Any comments will be welcomed. My Album on Flickr: I hope to add friends on Facebook:
  17. furthertofly

    Sunset at Devil's Tower, WY

    P4P; HDR, 3 frames at 2 EV intervals; flying outside the park boundary, of course. (Low-res JPEG version of a 235 Mb TIFF file)
  18. Nick Wenzel

    Sapphire Coast, Australia in 4K - feedback appreciated

    Hi all, I just passed a thousand followers on Instagram and put together this edit to celebrate. It is my fourth one so far. Edited on FCPX, shot on P4 @ 4K30fps. Check out my page for more: Comments appreciated Nick :)
  19. M

    Can I take a photo during a litchi mission?

    I am flying a P3S using the Litchi app. I have flown around 75 missions with success and have taken photos using the "straight line" setting ... no problem and this works well My question for the group ... Is there a way to manually take a photo while the flight is in progress using the...
  20. voyageraero

    Downtown Chicago from Northerly Island

    Got this really pretty shot of downtown Chicago after work yesterday. Hiked out to Northerly Island past the planetarium, after waiting for the TFR surrounding the White Sox/Tigers game to lift (Sox won 11-2). I love how the American flag in the bottom left pops out. Let me know what you think...