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  1. smartcar8

    Mar 15, 2016
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    Hi, I have a Phantom 4 and a Nvidia Shield tablet. I have recently developed several problems while flying relating to image transmission. Specifically I am getting green bars, grey screen, and temporary loss of image. These problems have just started recently and before they started I was having good image transmission.

    In addition I have on several occasions I have received the message that Image Transmission has been lost and I should activate return to home. On another occasion the communication between the controller and the Phantom was lost. I was able to restart the app as the Phantom hovered and was able to regain control. All of these issues have just started after a recent firmware update and I suspect there is some issue with the update and or the controller update.

    Can anyone advise what steps I should take to remedy the issues. Is it possible to delete the firmware in the Phantom and the controller and re-install? Do the issues I am having suggest any other causes? Could it possibly be a hardware issue?

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. GMack

    Jul 26, 2016
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    Could be some background apps are getting into the mix and slowing it down.

    Someone on here recommended Zapper to close down all non-essential apps that run in the background. On my Android tablet, there were lots of them to Zap. Seems Android is prone to a lot of bloatware that takes over the device, and some apps you have to give permission for them to do so or they won't install which I think is wrong. I installed some camera blocker too and it said there were 81 apps that had access to the tablets camera (an same for my Android phone too!). I don't have 81 apps that I know of. Seems almost anyone can take over an Android device with their app.

    My final cure was to go to Apple iPad Air 2 which has been flawless and a lot better battery life too. I had too many red and green lines on the Android, as well as some hesitations in sending something from their touchscreens which I often had to wait for the screen to settle down. This was also on a Samsung S6 phone that is on the DJI list of approved devices, but I suspect the bloatware is messing with it.
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