GS Pro expertise needed.

May 28, 2014
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I've been flying my P4Pro for a good while now but haven't used GSPro very much. I have successfully shot and stitched a nice 2d photomap and have begun testing the Waypoint mission function. After reading all the literature DJI provided on it and playing with the interface, I can't tell in the following is possible and it partly depends on whether or not GSPro will let you manually (stick fly) the drones rotation (heading) and altitude as it is tracking a waypoint course. I want to precisely lay down waypoints on a curvy private road which also happens to be a hilly road. So as the drone tracks the road using the waypoints, I want to be able to manually rise and fall with the terrain and adjust my gimbal at the same time. I know I can preselect altitudes for each waypoint but I want to hand-fly the altitude. Is that possible? Also, similar to the Go4 app feature of course flying, I'd like to be able to rotate the drone 360 degrees as it's following the same road to capture the views on all sides as it flys. Can GSPro do that? Thanks much

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