Groundstation PC software mission planning

Apr 20, 2015
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Hi, was wondering of anyone knows how to create an AWM formatted spreadsheet to create missions offsite. I am planning on using my Vision Plus with the PC Groundstation program. I have already installed the aerial onto the Phantom and can fly missions easily enough however i need to preplan 63 missions for a project and was hoping I could create a excel spreadsheet in the same format as the missions are created and save as a AWM file. I have tried using Excel and saving as a CSV, but the program wont recognise the file. I have opened an existing mission and amended it with my mission data but there is no option to save as a AWM file.

Also has anyone successfuly managed to get the camera to work using the Photogrammetry tool? Ive been using the DJI app on my phone setting the camera to take pictures at a specified interval.

Lastly does anyone get live data whilst flying a mission on the PC? I can launch for a mission and obtain flight time but no other telementary.

My work involves ground survey so mission planning prior to attending the site is crucial, my next project is 3000sqm which i have calculated at 63 missions with each mission 350m x 150m.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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