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Mar 10, 2015
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I was looking for a skin for my Phantom 1.1.1 and found a ton that all looked the same. I went to and ordered one I liked. The owner Chad emailed me to make sure he had the correct number of the design I picked. I joked and said unless you can do a Chicago Bears one. He emailed back and said that his son was a huge fan and he would see what he could do. Within 2 days he had a proof for me to look at. I was blown away. I do not post comments on purchases normally but this guy really has great customer service.
I would recommend him anytime to anyone. You do not come across people with this type of customer service very often anywhere.
I had my custom skin done from Chad as well. Prompt service and made it just the way I wanted it (after a few revisions).

I wonder if he could do a Black Angus. Naw, an Elk would be really cool.
Maybe a Mosquito, that would make the cows move faster. ;)
He can probably do anything you want. He really is a great guy.
UrAwFuL that is a great skin. Did you have that in mind yourself or did you get the idea somewhere?

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