GPS TK102-B issue

May 30, 2014
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Swansea, Wales, UK
I have a TK102-B tracker on the quad.. zip tied to the leg opposite the compass.

How do I turn the **** thing off.. so it stays off until I need it on!
Pressing and holding the "on/off" button for about 5 seconds turns it off... but at some random time later on it powers back up and drains the battery.

I usually turn if off, send it a "status" sms txt message and maybe 12 hours or some random time later it replies to my text with a status update, even though I left it in the "off" state...

What gives? How can I get it to stay off.
This is a 'feature' of some builds of this tracker. Designed to come on when given power, typical, when installed in a car etc.
You need to remove the battery. You will also notice that it powers up as soon as the battery is reinserted- the power button is redundant.
Yes.. it does power on when the battery is inserted - hmm.. I guess I'll "mod" it with a tiny sliding switch, there's room to next to the battery.
Thanks for the info... :)
One of mine stayed on all the time but went into sleep mode till ya called it . Then the other one just stayed blinking all the time so I just would plug it into the charger when I got home .
I Know for a fact if you have it strapped and have it where you can take the battery cover off you will regret it !!
That cover pops off easy if ya crash and then it's no good for you . Had it happen .
I keep my cover secure with zip tie around it .
My last crash landed at my feet and was a good thing as it broke 3 tie straps and never I found nothing but the battery :eek:
Yes, you have a point there...

I have a 3D printer in work.. I guess I'll print out a clip on mounting bracket for it, seen them on thingyverse.
When mine came through the tree's it just popped off and took me 3 days to find it !!
I have a new one on the way and think I am going to make the leather pouch like J Dot posted !!
The one you talking about looks good to .
You most likely know this but if ya don't if you move that thing around on your bird be sure and do a compass calibration . I didn't the first time when I changed where I had it and had a major issue but the tracker worked great and I got it back :)
Glad to know they work, as you intended, to save the P2. It seems to be very accurate.
With it mounted on the mounting plate I intend to zip tie it as well, just to be sure the battery lid stays on.
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