Gimbal wheel failure and resolution

Sep 3, 2015
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I bought my Phantom 3 Pro in 2015 and it's been a great reliable tool for me. A few days ago the gimbal tilt wheel on the remote stopped working. I went through all kinds of gyrations to try to restore functionality including, but not limited to, draining the power from the remote all the way to 0. Nothing seemed to work. I googled the issue and got all kinds of answers but none of them resolved the issue. I took it in to a local place that was willing to look at it and they said there was a failure in the drone itself and it was not worth the money to fix it. Well, I figured OK I got my money's worth out of the ole P3P and in 15 days it would need RID anyway...

But, what I noticed was that the gimbal itself seemed just fine. I could press C1 and it would look down and pop back up as normal so I assumed that the issue had to be the controller itself. To that end I started looking up how to disassemble the controller and I ran across a discussion where someone suggested this:

Turn the remote on. Hold down C1/C2/Still Photo button together and turn the remote off. Then hold them down again and turn the remote on.

That was the fix. I have NO idea why the dial stopped working but that reset of the controller sequence did the trick. I'll tell you I was very happy to have that happen. The drone has never crashed and I take VERY good care of it. It looks like the day it was bought and I hated to end up selling it off for parts or something. I post this here in the hopes that should someone else experience the same issue, they can try this fix as well.

As an aside, while I was trying to fix the Phantom, I used the issue as an excuse and I bought an Air 3 Fly More :)

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