Gimbal insanity!

May 4, 2015
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Ok folks...

This H4-3D vs. H3-3D is giving me a headache. LOL It is like gimbal insanity! LOL

I've been doing a ton of studying and searching about which gimbal to get. I haven't purchased my P2 v2 yet, so I can either go with the P2 v2 with H3-3D or the P2 v2 with H4-3D. It is only a $40 difference. I don't care so much about that.

However, here is my dilemma. I currently own a Hero3 Black. I was going to purchase a Hero4 Black at the same time as my P2, but now I don't have the funds for that. Soooo, I was planning on probably purchasing the Hero4 Black down the road. I was thinking about buying my P2 v2 from B&H Photo Video as I have dealt with them before for my pro photographic needs. Plus, it seems like everyone's prices are the same ($899 P2 w/H4-3D or $859 for P2 w/H3-3D).

So, my question is...should I just get the H3-3D and say the heck with it and just put the Hero4 Black on it when I get it or should I just say the heck with it and get the H4-3D, so when I get the Hero4 Black it will be matched up just fine. To my understanding I can use my Hero3 Black on either gimbal, so the question is...does it really matter which I go with? Should I go with the H4-3D for the "future" or the H3-3D for the "present"?

Thanks for your help!
TeamYankee - I was even thinking about that, but I know a ton of people initially preferred the GoPro over the Vision/Vision+. I'm sure the P3 is different and probably much better than the P2 V/V+, but it made me wonder. Plus, I already have the GoPro HERO3 Black, so it would be cheaper overall. Especially since I wanted to get an FPV system too.

I finally bit the bullet and bought the P2 v2 with the H4-3D gimbal (and a Black Pearl FPV system with upgraded pentalobe antennas). I got it yesterday and installed the iOSD Mini, the anti-interference board, the H4-3D gimbal and the ImmersionRC 600mW transmitter for the FPV.

I then performed the software/firmware update of the iOSD Mini, the controller and then Phantom 2 itself. After all of that, the only issue I currently have is that my gimbal won't tilt very far. Maybe 10-15 degrees max. It doesn't go straight forward or straight down. It starts out around a 45 degree angle and that is it. Maybe up 5-7 degrees and down 5-7 degrees with the tilt wheel on the transmitter/controller. :(

So, I'm trying to do research on this before anything else to verify everything is good or if something is broken and I have to return it. I do have the HERO3 Black in the H4-3D, but I don't think that is the issue. I know the HERO4 is heavier, but that still shouldn't make the gimbal only move about 15 degrees instead of the full 90.

My guess is it is some sort of calibration issue that I missed. So, now I'm trying to find videos on calibrating the controller/transmitter or the P2 itself. To me, something has to be throwing it off and limiting the movement of the gimbal. :(
Unfortunately, both the H3-3D ''v2" and H4-3D now have the ribbon cable.
You can choose:
1] buy H3 and the GoPro 30 pin connector (around $15) and replace the USB ribbon cable with the 30pin until you get the Hero 4, then put the ribbon back.
The 30 pin connector is much better quality-wise and doesn't get in the way.
2] buy the H4 and do the same, although the H4 is designed for the slightly lighter Hero 4

I would recommend the H3 v2 because you will probably be using filters, lens covers etc. so that will compensate for the weight difference.
I personally have the "v1" H3-3D and had to make some modifications to install the ribbon cable and be able to use either GoPro 3+ or 4.
Don't buy the older version that has the 30pin connector already installed, unless you want to make mods to install the Hero 4 in the future.

This is the H3 v2

Anthony, I appreciate the info. That is what I ended up doing. Found a YouTube video on it, so it made it a bit easier as well. :) I'm actually all set and good to go. Just waiting on my FPV monitor holder to come in and then my setup is complete at this point.

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