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Jun 24, 2015
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Seriously....was wondering if Flytrex Core 2 is a cause of flyaways or crashes?

(Not referring to Flytrex LIVE)

I want to get one just for altitude reports on my P1.

But' I've read more than a few stories where people had crashes or flyaways immediately after installation.
You have to unplug something on the Phantom then plug the Flytrex Core into the F2 slot and plug the disconnected GPS cable into the Core unit (or something like that) I could easily see how the Flytrex could introduce flight errors and crashes or flyaways if that's the case and there's ANY kind of error introduced by the Flytrex unit. it would have to be flawless in design and execution or disaster would result.

Can't seem to get any First Person Comments on it.
Not a 'first person' but...

It is simply tying into the serial data buss. Not likely to be the cause of any errors.

Remember: correlation is not causation.
Not a 'first person' but...

It is simply tying into the serial data buss. Not likely to be the cause of any errors.

Remember: correlation is not causation.

Sometimes correlation leads to the discovery of causation ;)

As far as the Flytrex. That would be great. Hope you're correct.
I have used one for some time now... no crashes. ;)

I mounted mine inside the shell and made a card slot opening at the battery opening that is only visible when the battery is removed.

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How long has it been installed?
It gets it's power from the F2 slot correct?
Sorry, no, P2... my bad. :(
I looked at the Flytrex site and the P1 & P2 use the same cables so it should work no problem.
It basically connects in line to your GPS cable intercepting the signal then passes it on to the GPS.
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Just watched a Flytrex video......

So, I can't view any of the data without uploading the files off the SD card to the Flytrex server?

There's no text file or any way to view the data just on your computer (without connecting to the internet)?
The system they offer on their site is pretty cool. You can choose to make flights public or not. You can also use the site to export the data and feed it to Google earth if you wanted to see your flight path or what many use the data for is an overlay on a flight video using RaceRenderer or Dashware, which you can now get for free. I'm sure there are other uses, like proving you weren't spying on someone by the data, etc.
Well, I guess that means there is no way to view the data without going to their website.
All those things have a place. But I would buy one right now if there was a way to view the data without connecting to their site.

But maybe someone will come up with software to decode the data so you can just pop the SD card into a PC (like if you have a laptop at the flight location) and just view the raw data.

I realize it's probably a non issue for you....but it's just something I prefer is all.
If anyone has a Flytrex Core 2 raw file and wouldn't mind sharing it please let me know.
I would like to see the exact contents of the files it produces.
Maybe with a bit of study the data is right there?

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