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FlyTrex Live 3G Review And Special Discount

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by funtimegrandpa, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. funtimegrandpa

    Mar 1, 2014
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    I have been doing a number of reviews for GPS Trackers. I have also used about 4 different ones over the past year or so. As many know there is always a chance your craft will do something unexpected. I have had this happen all the way back to my first AR Drone. Since then as my equipment has gone un in cost I searched for as perfect a solution as possible. I have also had one of my Phantoms go into failsafe on the other side of some woods and ended up 60ft in a tree. The tracker saved me by pointing out just where it was :)

    This time I was sent a bit different type of tracker that I am so impressed with I wanted to get my review posted once I had the chance to test fly and learn as much as I could so I could help others. This system is the new Flytrex Live 3G Flight Tracker. As you watch my video ( which is a bit long ) you will see how it will not only show your flight in real time, but will allow you to pinpoint its last position should something happen. You can also have friends watch your flight on the Flytrex site as you are flying. They wont see what your camera is seeing, but they will see you travel on a satellite map which is really cool.

    Flytrex was also very gracious to give a great discount when you click on the link provided below my review. I was not only impressed with the system, but their support and follow-through when I had questions. My test was done on my Phantom 2 which has the Ground Station installed. Everything went flawless and I am even more assured if something happens I will be able to recover my equipment. You will need a sim card which I found the perfect place to buy one that does not require a monthly fee. After 4 flights and some testing which covers about 45 minutes I have only used about 12 cents !!!!! and the $10 fee is good for 3 months.

    I hope everyone that is looking for a great solution checks this out. To date this is the best solution I have found. Take care Grandpa Jake

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