1. M

    Fytrex Flight Mapping Proposal

    I was perusing the flytrex site yesterday and came across this video featuring the CEO on stage: If you shoot ahead to the five min 25 sec mark, he seems to be proposing a solution to the mapping of drone flight, which is...
  2. Skipholiday


    I've been a huge supporter of Flytrex sense the release of the core flytrex which I still have. They were the best tracker black box innovators in the market in my opinion, Flytrex did so much more than just locate your lost UAV. They kept evolving and getting better and better. My last...
  3. Skipholiday

    Flytrex Live and Flytrex Live 3G Not working

    has FlyTrex stop supporting Flytrex Live and Flytrex Live 3G? My last flight showing on the flytrex page is 5-25-2016. I fly every day its not raining. is there s a problem? Does anyone have any information? Thanks
  4. M

    Wired: Flytrex Delivery Tests To Be Performed By UkrPoshta

    Drone deliveries to take to the skies in Ukraine UkrPoshta, the Ukrainian postal service, has teamed up with Flytrex Aviation to begin testing delivery drones in Ukrainian cities for the first time. Each delivery will be made by Flytrex's drone, Mule - a carbon-fibre-bodied octocopter capable...
  5. Bob Mador

    Added FPV to my P2 :)

    I am the happy new owner of a Black Pearl FPV system. I got it in the mail today and installed it in a few hours. Yes, it took me about 3 hours to install it because I'm about as intelligent as a "rock". My problem was that I have a Flytrex Live 3D gps tracker unit that uses the CAN-BUS...
  6. S

    Flytrex to to support full telemetry data

    Anyone have an idea when Flytrex will support full telemetry data for the P3P? Right now it is just GPS data I believe, and calculations based on that. I had the Flytrex CANBUS for my P2V+ and loved it, and would really like the Flytrex for the P3P but waiting for full integration of telemetry...
  7. J

    Flytrex barometer issues

    I'm using Flytrex Core 2 and seem to be having some barometer issues. Wondering if anyone else is having similar issues. I am near sea level. Maybe 7 feet above. The reported Maximum Ascent and Maximum altitudes see significantly off. For example, on one flight, maximum ascent was reported...
  8. K

    FlyTrex Alternative: Hardware to Monitor Your Fleet

    Hey everyone, Have you ever wanted to keep better track of where/when you fly your drones? SenseMe is a hardware device that records basic telemetry then pushes that data to 3rd-party flight-management software, such as Drone Logbook. No more having to waste time pulling flight data off your...
  9. J

    Flytrex and Dashware - Straight line distance

    The might be one for the math gurus or Flytrex experts (I'm neither) Was playing around with Flytrex data in Dashware and the usual distance inputs are there along with distance from beginning inputs. But one bit of data I thought would be useful and interesting is straight line distance. The...
  10. T

    Phantom 2v+ v3 Crashed, Selling as-is Or parting out.

    I recently had a Crash with my P2 V+v3, And now i cant use it for my college class.... SO i am trying to sell it fast or part it out fast either way i need to sell it :D Im trying to get 600$ for everything included i hope its reasonable I am hoping to sell it whole or parts, withing 3...
  11. J

    FlyTrex Question

    Ok, so I'm going to put a FlyTrex Core 2 module on my P1 v1.1.1 - now that I found software to read the files without uploading them anywhere except onto my local computer that is (no internet needed) But one thing that puzzles me is the cables. When selecting cables for the Flytrex core 2...
  12. J

    Flytrex - Public comment period closing

    :p Seriously....was wondering if Flytrex Core 2 is a cause of flyaways or crashes? (Not referring to Flytrex LIVE) I want to get one just for altitude reports on my P1. But' I've read more than a few stories where people had crashes or flyaways immediately after installation. You have to...