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Flight vid I made for friend's shop advert

Discussion in 'Photos and Video' started by Perfdavid, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Perfdavid

    Mar 9, 2013
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    Baton Rouge, LA
    Hey guys,
    Just joined the forum. Greetings from Louisiana.

    I have had my phantom for about 2 weeks now and love it. Sold off my AR Drone to a friend after I did an RC mod to it.

    Anyway, Rod, at devildogrc has been really great about supplying me with equipment so I made him a little promo vid of the phantom for him to link to his website to show people how the phantom flies.
    This is about my 5th flight and one of my first few times using iMovie. I think it came out ok. One thing I am noticing, the more I fly it and watch my gopro video after, the more I realize what makes good shots and what doesn't

  2. Grant

    Mar 8, 2013
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    Nice... Must be a good shop to build such loyalty.
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