Critical battery landing

Aug 7, 2016
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It sounds to me that you believe if you cannot fly a mission you want to fly because of the rules you think it's OK to break them. I don't think that's the way it works. It seems to me that many people think it's OK to break the law when the law doesn't suit them. I rather believe that if you cannot fly a mission without breaking the law it's a mission that should not be flown. People who break the law jeopardize all of us because it's an invitation for the authorities to create even more restrictive legislation. Am I wrong?
By the rules you are absolutelly right. I agree. But the real life is always slightly different. Of course I will not go to fly 2 or even more km away. We can daily see posts in wich the author shows his 'achievements' in distant flying. I'm not talking about that. I only think that if you fly in open flat area and your drone is just at the limit of visual contact but the object you like to film is anothe 100m ahead, there is almost no risk if you continue in the same way a little more and stay there for one or two minutes. What could possibly happen? And we all know that there is no absolutelly 100% safety. Anything can happen even within the visual contact area.

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