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flashing yellow and red after warmup

Discussion in 'Phantom 1 Help' started by donaldc21, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. donaldc21

    Aug 18, 2018
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    this is my frustrating issue....
    I recently bought the Phantom 1 off someone from Kijiji,
    Everything was great.
    One day i landed fine and i put it back in the box and the next morning i decided to take it out for a fly.
    i was trying to do the start up and for some reason it was flashing 1 yellow 3 red then to 1 yellow 2 red then 1 yellow and 1 red THEN would flash green as if it was done warming up.
    Then it would go back to flashing between 1 yellow and 1 to 3 reds.
    Every now and then it would finish warm up and just blink yellow nothing else........
    But whenever i would lift off the ground i would only get maybe 20 to 30 feet up and it would rapidly flash yellow and sometimes some red would sneak a flash or 2 in.
    Also it would start flying on its own or different ways as it cuts in and out.
    May also add whenever i bought it i was told buy a elder man who bought it brand new, years ago.... he said he never had a issue.
    I also tried to calibrate the gps but i can not for some odd reason get into pairing mode.......
    i have never gone online to update or anything as i have no clue how where to go or what to do....
    totally new at this....................
    some one PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE help me........
    i really could use some........
    thank you in advance....

    i never seen it flash a solid green.
    i can try and upload a video if helps....
  2. MotorCycle-Man

    Sep 30, 2017
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    You bought it from KiJiJi who's that....Thats a very old Dji drone....and i bet its so old Dji offers No support at all !....When you buy like you have and pay for it with hard earned money.....its good to actually see it fly.....and if the person cant do that....walk away and seek a better deal.....These drones are very complicated and it sure don't take much to really mess them up......Hope some one can help you out.

    heres the link to the manual Phantom 1 - Downloads - Manuals, Software, Drivers download | DJI
    that drones 4 years old at least.

    More Info Current Phantom 1 Firmware & Software Updates
  3. donaldc21

    Aug 18, 2018
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    Thank you i am going to try and update everything now...
    kijiji is a buy and sell site.
    it is my first real drone and the price to me in my area seemed like the right thing to do at the timel.
    it was in mint shape and he only flew it 2 times.
    he is in his 70s he said it wasnt for him and such so i thought it would all be a great buy, stupid me.
    guess we will see once i am done tryin to update it,
    stay tuned for more posts on follow ups
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