Fix lag in DJI Pilot on Android tablets


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Oct 30, 2014
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Check out these tips for optimizing your Android tablet so it does not lag when running the DJI Pilot application.
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Here are some tips for optimizing your Android tablet so it does not lag when running the DJI Pilot application:

OK so I did this on the Samsung tab S 10.1..Whiped it clean, reset, deleted stock apps, turned off notifications on most other apps. Only downloaded the most recent version of the Phantom App from

For some reason, I still experience constant - every second or so - quick pausing lag.. Like a slow strobe light type of pace. Was in wide open area, and tested my S6 at the same time and it was flawless as always. Any reasons anyone can think of? Is the Tab S fast enough? I believe its specs are close to the Air 2?
If the device your using isn't doing much else I'd be investigating rooting it and installing a custom ROM.
I've seen 'CleanROM' recommended and looked into installing it on Nexus 7, however I aren't really having problems with little more than the Pilot App installed, so haven't done it yet as it is rather time consuming and *might* go wrong!

CleanROM 6.0 is supposed to be very smooth and fast - running like that you know there is no other google stuff going on in the background.
I guess you might need googlemaps.
Anyone trying this make sure you do a system backup so you can revert if need be.
Having said that you can usually download the factory ROM in any case.

Otherwise there's not much you can do other than uninstall or disable as much stuff as possible.
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