First flight P3P on 1.2.6 and Android 1.2.0


Oct 31, 2014
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Reston, VA
The rain finally calmed down enough to fly outdoors late this afternoon and everything worked great. First impression is definite improvement including the autoscaling of the video feed for improved distance. I managed to fly much farther than before, even with my tablet (Nexus 9) connected to the home wifi (5Ghz). I saw a couple of weak control signal warnings, but no disconnects.

Flying in my neighborhood is very challenging because of the hundreds of wifi routers from condos, townhouses, and office buildings. Lots of very wet green trees also hinder the connection between the controller and the phantom.

Bench testing last night I was able to get youtube streaming working (first attempt hard locked the tablet, reboot and worked fine, but had to go into the manager and kill the stuck stream). I did not test that yet, but I have a couple more batteries to play with now.

After landing the first thing I noticed is that the cached videos no longer need to be converted in the app, they can be watched immediately. There is also an option to directly upload the cached video files to Youtube from the Pilot application.

Second thing I noticed is flight record synchronization still fails. Since the new flight is the only one I have in my flight record I have to wonder if there is an error in my records on DJI servers that is causing problems.

Overall I'm really happy with the new combination of 1.2.6 and Android Pilot 1.2.0. This was a video test. Later tonight I'll run some 5AEB photo recording tests and see if they fixed the SD bus bug that locks the bus speed at 12.5MB/s.

(note: I did search for a relevant thread before creating a new one, but did not find an on topic thread to contribute to.)

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