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Sep 28, 2015
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San Francisco, CA
You should take aerial views plus video shots from a camera on the ground. Mix them together. Work out your shooting plan. Plan missions too. Approaching and going away shots. Some one should take videos of flying drone too with parade.

Combination of all in proper sequence will give dramatic effect.
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Dec 9, 2014
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Thank you Sir. Comments and advice appreciated. I'll have my family with me armed with my Nikon D5300, iPhones with 4K video, etc. Will certainly aim to get a decent variety of shots together, then will be using Final Cut Pro on my Mac to put it all together.
Where at? Got and inspire1 and a P2v+ that can join you live in Katy
Apr 15, 2014
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Dedham, Ma USA
I have a parade drone story. I am a parade director and also own a P4,P3 and 2 P2's. A year or so our local cable station called and said they wanted to do something new and exciting in the parade. I asked what and they said fly a drone in parade. I asked what they meant by that and they said they were going to put a vehicle in the parade and have the drone fly about 20 feet in front of vehicle and 15 feet in the air through the entire route. I asked them what their experience was with the drone and how long they had it. They said a few weeks. I told them absolutely not. I had been flying for years and I would never even think of flying down a crowded street almost at eye level. They tried to explain how safe it was with the new technology. I then let them know I had been fliying for years and had 2 of the models they were going to fly. I told them I love drones and always fighting for less regulation but in this case I could not allow it.

About 20 minutes into the parade I get a call from a friend who is a police officer and says "sorry to hear about your drone"". Confused I asked why he would say that. He said the reports just came in of a drone crash on the parade route. As it turned out cable had not put a vehicle in the parade but set up along the side of the route to film. Having very little experience flying they proceeded to crash the drone into electrical wires and it came crashing to the ground on the crowded sidewalk. Nobody was hurt but a few taxpayers were asking if that was a town funded drone that was destroyed because the town subsidizes the cable company.

I have filmed many road races and a parade so I'm not in the least against that. I do have an issue with inexperienced people flying near crowds. Many people thought that drone was mine that day and since then some people have been skeptical of me flying near anyone.

Anyways good luck and fly safe! We need more high profile positive flying experiences like these. Please post your finished product.

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