1. I

    P3 filming

    I got a P3 and when i go to film it will record video 30 secs sometimes more sometimes less and stop recording.... i hit the record button again and it will do the same in the end i have a bunch of like 30 sec videos.... what do i need to do to keep it recording for a while? TYIA
  2. j.razz1

    What Are Your Favorite Techniques for Filming?

    I'll share two of my favorite below and how I achieve them. Be sure to add your own! I personally like slow and steady straight line shots. They prove to be smooth, and, if held at a constant speed, tend to be pleasing to the eye: The way I achieve them is by flying out to the end of my shot...

    Nuclear Power plant Drone film- from a Legal distance

    Some places you can film some you cant But this place you can. sunset was amazing
  4. B

    Tips on how to use manual mode

    Hello everyone, I own a P4 and it has been few weeks that I am trying to make more professional-looking videos shooting in d-log, manual mode with nd-filters. However, because I am in Ireland where the sky is always cloudy but pretty bright while the terrain is very dark, I always end up...
  5. M

    First time flying over water

    Hi, I just got a phantom 3 standard for Christmas and it's my first drone so I'm a bit of a noob at flying. I've been flying pretty often on beginner mode but my Dads canoe club are going canoe surfing at the beach tomorrow. They want me to make a short promo video of them with my drone to...
  6. J

    Help needed filming - Bristol UK - Paid

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post in so I apologise if not. I'm looking for a drone owner/operator in the Bristol area to help me get some pick-up shots for a short personal project I am working on. I need a drone that can shoot 4K so I'm looking for the level of a DJI...
  7. Martin Proll

    Filming a Parade

  8. Filip Ionita

    WANTED: Drone Pilots - British Drone Racing League

    WANTED Course Designers & Pilots of all abilities. An airy “Hello” to everybody on this forum. Togethia Media Services is the Production Company running the new British Drone Racing League. We want to run an event this March and film it for a TV pilot to kickstart the series. We have two...
  9. G

    DJI Phantom 3 Films Game Of Thrones

    A few days ago I put my P3 over the filming of Games Of Thrones Season 6 In Northern Ireland. I did 2 quick passes at about 100 ft, I didn't want to get too close and hover but just a pass or 2 to get a sneek peek. They were filming a scene on The Iron Islands in Pyke, There is a new cast member...