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Erratic Behavior and Uncommanded Decent

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by srandall25, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. srandall25

    Apr 17, 2014
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    Today I decided to test the NAZA mode for the first time. I've read up on this thoroughly and educated myself on the IOC and Control Mode Switch functionality. My goal in using the NAZA mode was to simply test the Return To Home (RTH) switch once you flip S1 in its most downward position. During flight my Phantom went from smooth hover to erratic behavior as if there wasn't balanced power to all 4 rotors. It was very erratic and descended rapidly until it hit the ground very hard. I had the throttle full up with no affect.

    Prior to my flight, I did a basic and advanced calibration via the assistance software. I also did the manual calibration doing the 360 rotation both horizontal and vertical. I ensured I had full GPS lock and steady green blinking light on Phantom. I checked to ensure that both S2 and S1 switches were in their top most position. I started the motors and lift off.

    First Flight:
    I took it up slowly to a couple hundred feet and and maybe had a few hundred feet of total distance. I decided then to test the RTH feature. I switched S1 to the most bottom position for RTH (this must be programmed via the Assistant software int he Control Mode Switch area under Basic... which I did do). This basically turns off communication with the Tx. The Phantom app showed that it was return to home. After I saw that it was maintaining it's altitude, I decided to take control back of the Phantom. I switched S1 back to the top most position. I had control and was flying the Phantom for maybe one minute and then all the sudden it started the erratic behavior described above and just started a rapid descent. I had 90% batter power on the range extender and over 50% on the phantom battery. My Tx had new batteries in it as well.

    Second Flight:
    After replacing all the props and recalibrating the controller and phantom once more (advanced, basic, and manual) i decided to take the Phantom to a completely different area 3 miles away thinking maybe I had signal interference. This time I took the Phantom up to maybe 60 feet and away another 30 feet. I decided to test the RTH feature by turning the Tx off. After switching the Tx off, it went into RTH mode. After reaching its destination 60' above home, it started to descend very fast. It did not slow down and hit pretty hard. It didn't appear to hurt the Phantom, so I recalibrated again, put it up in the air maybe 30' and then it started the erratic behavior and descended without my command and landed hard once again. I tried full throttle and nothing... it just wouldn't respond to any actions i did with the Tx. The erratic behavior was just like what happened earlier today 3 miles away.

    I have little confidence at this point and believe there is a glitch or something. Has anyone flown their Vision+ after enabling NAZA mode and used the RTH feature? Has anyone had any similar experiences? Thanks.
  2. PhilAnderson

    Apr 2, 2014
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    Living In The Woods Of Beautiful Bonney Lake, WA
    Oh, man, that sounds miserable. I haven't tried it, but I feel for ya. Hope someone comes along with an easy fix. I know you just want to go flying.
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