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Engine cut off during flight WTF !!!!

Discussion in 'Phantom 1 Help' started by hotshotsworldwide, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. hotshotsworldwide

    Jun 6, 2013
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    Los Angeles
    Well after looking around the internet i guess i seem to be the only moron who doesnt realise that you can turn the engines off on the Phantom during flight !!!! I decided to go for a fly today with the gopro on and after my usual practice session replicating filming a object i thought i would spice it up and try some more radical moves to see what the Phantom is capable of and after rocketing up to 300 or 400 ft and then totally backing off the throttle and watching it come rocketing back down to the ground and then jumping on the throttle just in time to stop it touching down i shot it back up to 50 odd ft maybe higher and then trying different controller positions i ended up getting the sticks in the engine start position and before i knew it the engine shut off and the Phantom and Hero 3 plummeted like a brick out of the sky after the engines shut down WTF !!! It hit on one corner very hard and the frame and engine are bent and the prop connects the body so after taking off the top frame and trying to bend the frame back into shape i just ordered another one off ebay and a new engine just in case .. I had no idea that you could just turn the engines off and i would have presumed that there would have been some failsafe above 10ft ???? lucky it wasnt a S800 with a gimbal and DSLR on it !!!!!
  2. tanasit

    Jan 28, 2013
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    In the left pane of the MOTOR tab of the ADVANCED section of the Assistant:

    Immediately In any control mode, once motors start and throttle stick is over 10%, motors will stop immediately when throttle stick is back under 10% again.In this case, if you push the throttle stick over 10% within 5 seconds after motors stop, motors will re-start. If you don’t push throttle stick after motors start in 3 seconds, motors will stop automatically.

    Intelligent In any control mode, only push both sticks to the left or right bottom can stop motors.In ATTI./GPS Mode, any one of following cases will stop motors. (1)You don’t push throttle stick after motors start within 3 seconds. (2)Throttle stick under 10%, and after landing 3 seconds. (3)The slope angle of multi-rotor is over 70°, and throttle stick under 10%.

    If you want to descend, you have to keep the throttle above 5-10% or it will ...........
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