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email to dji support regarding near flyaway

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Foosy, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. Foosy

    Aug 20, 2014
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    I sent the following letter to dji suport following my near flyaway experience:

    I had a near flyway due to a malfunction of the p3p. While I was flying it, after it got to about 100 ft I got a compass error and it started drifting away, nearly missing a building. It would not accept any input for about 30 seconds, then I regained some control after trying to switch to Atti mode and I was able to land it, but it was a battle to get it back safely. The reason I say "tried to switch", is that as I found out later by analyzing the logs, that it could not switch because I had not enabled Multiple Flight Mode.

    I analyzed the logs and this event and this is what I saw:

    00:00 Start with P-GPS
    00:05 Takeoff to a vertical climb
    00:37 the mode changes from P-GPS to P-OPTI, at a height of 33 m (100 ft) (At this point the app displayed "compass error")
    00:55 it starts drifting
    01:18 A warning message shows up: Warning: cannot switch current flight mode. To switch to A/F mode enable Multiple Flight Mode in Settings menu. (As I try to switch to Atti mode)
    01:19 Switches to Atti mode for a split second
    01:19+ Switches to P-GPS mode (I regain control, but I'm still fighting it to fly back)
    01:56 Lands
    02:00 CSC, still shows P-GPS

    Further analysis of the log files shows:
    1. There is no compass error - even though the app alerted me there was....
    2. The p3p switches to using VISION at the time 00:29.5 until 01:02.5 ?!?!?!!! This corresponds to me losing complete control
    3. For the same period as above the unit gets a YAW_ERROR_LARGE for nonGPScause
    4. Throughout the flight imuInitFailReason is set to MonitorError, but imuInitFailReason.raw is 0, so does not seem like a problem

    1. Even though I did not have Multiple flight mode enabled, moving the switch to Atti, is the trigger that reset the phantom to use P-GPS instead of P-OPTI
    2. The p3p should have never switched to P-OPTI at an altitude of 33 meters --> bug
    3. The app displays incorrectly "compass error", when the logs show a different issue--> bug

    Hope the above helps resolving this issue. Please note that I have always been using firmware 1.1.8
    Please confirm this message, as I have sent previous report of bugs and have not received any responses from dji.
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