Jul 8, 2016
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Austin, TX
I'm a User Experience (UX) practitioner and a Phantom pilot. I combined those skills and came up with a drone delivery app concept.
We all heard about drone delivery attempts in the media now and then and we also know it is not yet a main stream proven delivery platform.
To that extent, I assumed a few things with my knowledge in the sUAV industry and designed this app. Once we get pass the FAA regulations, local laws, assumption is that most businesses offer drone deliveries with some limitations. As of now nobody figured out all the details as how to deliver to every address. In this regard for the app's sake, that even mom and pop stores offer drone deliveries (assumption) and every one has accessible front yard, backyard or a certain tight space where a package can be delivered by a lowering a tether in the presence of the recipient. Also assumed third party drone apps somehow integrates local businesses and seamless shopping without leaving the app.

Interestingly while designing the app, few new things came into the picture that we never experienced before. With air borne deliveries it may be possible to cancel an order while the drone is still in the mid air! It may even be possible to drop deliveries without a registered address, like an open field with GPS coordinates sent to the drone. Traditionally this has never been the case.

Also if the signature is needed, we can assume if the package is lowered by tether, the recipient must unhook the package and that may serve as a signature needed requirement.

In case of returns, a savvy customer can send his own autonomous drone at a later date to return the package back to a near by facility that handles drone returns.

As you can see, being a new delivery platform, new possibilities emerge as the industry mature.

At this point, I just designed a rudimentary, happy path proof of concept. To my knowledge this *may* be the first of it's kind in this space. I understand that user experience can be improved in the functional app with certain gestures and meaningful animations. For example if an item is dragged to the drone, drone icon may wiggle with vibration of the handset, along with a visual cue.
Or an item can be deleted from the drone, if you swipe left.

But more than that, I would like to hear all of your comments/ideas as this is pretty new to all of us.

Link to PNG file is here.


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