drone delivery

  1. PlanetPapi

    Drone Delivery App. A world's first?

    I'm a User Experience (UX) practitioner and a Phantom pilot. I combined those skills and came up with a drone delivery app concept. We all heard about drone delivery attempts in the media now and then and we also know it is not yet a main stream proven delivery platform. To that extent, I...
  2. We Talk UAV

    Amazon's Newest Patent for Drone Deliveries.

    Consider the parachute. How long has it been around for? In a sense, it may be one of the more versatile inventions out there. It helped bring the Apollo Space capsule to an easy landing. It helped many paratroopers land without injury. Now, it is set to design to help Amazon land your smaller...
  3. We Talk UAV

    Vodafone is Looking for Ways to Jump Into the Drone Business.

    SIM cards are going through a golden age. First mobile phones, then machines and now it’s the time for vehicles. Vodafone is studying ways to connect drones to the internet as a solution to identify, track and manage all of them in a single airspace Vodafone is actively looking for ways to jump...
  4. We Talk UAV

    Amazon Air Delivery-What You May Not of Considered.

    Back in 2013 Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO revealed their intentions to make deliveries with drones within 30 minutes after placing the order. At that point it was almost taken as a joke because of the obvious technical, operational and legal challenges that such service presented. Further in...
  5. Sim597

    First actual drone delivery in US already happened.

    The first successful drone delivery in the US has taken place I saw this a day or two ago, thought it deserved a mention. Kudos really, for those that didn't hyperlink, it was a small tiny town out east, a first aid kit and some water and another item were delivered.