Nov 2, 2015
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Regarding to my previous post I wrote the mobile version of my application for drone operators who wants to store their batteries in a safe and proper way.

As a reminder....
Sometimes when the weather is bad you leave the DJI batteries for a unspecified period of time.
Then you have to store them with 40%-50% of charge capacity level and leave your drone for a few days.
When you ended up the drone flight with 28% of battery charge level, then you need to recharge it up to 40% (so it would 12%).
DJI drone operators sometimes don`t know how much time they have to charge to reach 40%-50%.
When you don`t fly your drone for a long-term periods and you leave your drone for months you should recharge your drone to 70-80% capacity level.

Then Android application (also my Windows application too) is the one that helps you.
1) After installation from Google Play store add needed app permissions to make the app work correctly and open the "Drone Battery Recharger" application. Then choose your DJI drone model from the list.
2) Then you fill the percentage rate you want to charge to
3) Change a tab to the second tab and click START then recharging is launching. Don`t power off the recharging until it reaches/decrease to 0:0 (min:sec.) and you hear a beep 3rd times.
4) Then you should have 40%-50% or 70%-80% of battery capacity level.

Application is freeware.

I have checked batteries for Phantom 2 and Phantom 3 drones and they are accurate. The rest of DJI drones are my calculations.
If you find that my calculations for rest of drones are not accurate please don`t hesistate to email me.

If you find my application usefeul I would be happy if you donate it for future updates.

Application supports English and Polish language.

Here is a link to my application .NET: Wynajmij drona drony Bydgoszcz i okolice Niemcz Osielsko
Here is a link to Google Play store app: Drone Battery Recharger - Android Apps on Google Play

Kindest regards
Marcin Zmyslowski from Poland
Wynajmij drona drony Bydgoszcz i okolice Niemcz Osielsko
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