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    Drone Battery Recharger app for Android now available

    Hello! Regarding to my previous post I wrote the mobile version of my application for drone operators who wants to store their batteries in a safe and proper way. As a reminder.... Sometimes when the weather is bad you leave the DJI batteries for a unspecified period of time. Then you have to...
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    Polish drone law has changed here is one of thing that I must have

    Hello! Polish drone flight law has changed. People who has not passed exam and don`t have a UAV license can fly 100 meters far from buildings and 30 meters in cities from people. Operators who passed the exam and have UAV license can fly in cities with no restrictions regarding to buildings...
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    drone flight on early spring in Poland

    Hello! Today I would like to share with you with the movie recorded in Poland on early spring. Have a nice watching Regards Marcin