DJI Phantom 3 Professional recovery after the fall

Dec 29, 2019
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Hello everyone! There is a DJI Phantom 3 Professional after a fall, the camera fell off, its cable broke off. The drone shows signs of life: beeps, LEDs blink all colors, connects to the remote. In the dji go app, Main controller error is written on top of the red background. When you click on this label, I see the following: скрины ошибки the First thing I did: I downloaded the firmware from the link Phantom 3 PRO ADV Put the bin firmware 1.4.10 (which stay on the drone) file in the root of the formatted memory card, installed it in the drone and turned it on. First the green led blinked, then stopped, blinked again. Then he blinked, first green, then red. After about 5 minutes, the green led blinked again first, then stopped, blinked again, and so on for 35 minutes. Then I turned off the drone. For the interest, I downloaded the next firmware version 1.5.30 and did the same thing. Result zero: the end of the firmware was not followed. During and after flashing the drone did not make sounds, the suspension did not turn. The camera was connected to only one connector. After all manipulations, the remote is still connected, through the app you can see the state of the drone, all the same errors, only the firmware version became 1.6.40, which is strange. Photo of the cable that is connected to the camera: ufvWajDx5Xs.jpg, the broken cable (in the photo it is unwound, it was wound on the suspension shaft): y9P8PitvmWg.jpg . Remote from another wrapper. I don't know what to do next, where to dig. What do you recommend? I forgot to add: the problem is that the drone does not respond to the sticks

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