Crashed P3 4K rebuilding

Oct 7, 2018
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Hi guys,

I got a P3 from somebody who unfortunately managed to stop the motors in flight with the sticks downward and inside... More or less survived, but the battery got a hit at a corner and the microsw with the body broke, then the gimbal just ripped out and the flex cable broke with the grey camera cable that connects from the main board to the gimbal. Got damage also the roll arm motor flex cable, one arm broke in two, and one motor got damage on the side, but it is rotating, and another one got damage at the thread and the propeller doesn't fit anymore... I started to order the parts and for now i managed to change the body and change the microsw on the battery, also the body of the battery i repaired somehow and now fits in. The gimbal for now it is not mounted, because i wait for more parts... Yesterday i powered it up and on the app constantly i got signal lost error and i need to do a fw upgrade, but without the gimbal main board it is not possible. The gimbal main board i can't connect it because the cable set that i got from the store and was selled as compatible with the 4K version, but i can't connect it :( Also i hear a buzzing sound from the vision system, and it gets very hot, i don't know if this is normal... The battery status in the app says that Cells broken and replace the battery, but it works fine... My question is that somebody knows from where can i get camera cable that really fits to the gimbal board and that buzzing sound could be a problem at the vision system, and please advice me regarding the battery. Thank you in advance!

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