phantom 3 4k

  1. W

    Rebuild after crash

    Good afternoon, I purchased a phantom 3 4K that was basically in new condition, I owned it for 72 hours and had a horric crash shattered the gimbal. I picked all my pieces and did the walk of shame. on a positive the drone flies just fine without the gimbal, so that’s one positive.. I purchased...
  2. JakeSherlock

    Looking for Phantom 3 4K joystick replacement

    I've gone around in circles for about a year trying to find a joystick replacement for my Phantom 3 4k. Does anyone have advice for where I can find one in Canada? -J
  3. L

    Phantom 3 4k No live video feed

    Hello all, Apologies in advance this is my first post so any advice welcomed. I have a phantom 3 4k. The drone flies fine and rc connects etc , wifi connects and i get telemetry. However, i have no live video feed, videos and images save to the sd card fine but no live feed. I have trawled the...
  4. rickybobby2189

    IMU Initulising (may spelled wrong) Help

    Sometimes I have a 10 15 minute fight with my drone to get it in the air. For instance, sometimes it has a fit trying to get a live video feed. I will have to close the app, restart the app and if that doesn't work I'll restart the drone itself and if that doesn't work I'll reset the controller...
  5. feliminerva

    Professional doing some research to make mods on a phantom 3

    hi guys, i'm new to this forum and i'm doing some research to decide wheather i'll buy a phantom 3a and mod it to be better(like changing it's motors, or adding some sensors, or even making the phavic conversion kit) or buy the 3pro/4 and just change it to phavic(for those who don't know what...
  6. R

    Professional Gimbal problem, noise and no connection to app

    Hello to all. I have the problem show in the video. Has Someone had the same issue? You can find the video on my google drive. Thank you Rohs
  7. Dave427chevy

    4k New to drones

    1st o wanna say, hello everyone! I hope I can make friends here. I'm new to drones, and last week just got a used Phantom 3. I think it's the 4k. I'm trying to figure it all out, as much detail I can that's involved with this drone. What it can do, how far I can go, can I boost with software (i...
  8. Phantom 3 4K Professional

    Phantom 3 4K Professional

    Phantom 3 4K Professional Tranformer version paint job
  9. G

    phantom 3 4K range extender advice help

    Please help I’ve been trying to research from what I can tell so far it’s looking like the itelite would be my best bet but I’m finding all kinds of mixed reviews on each one I look up can anyone give me first hand experience?
  10. T

    Phantom 3 4K firmware update without VPS module?

    Hello! Anyone has an experience about software update with VPS module disconnected? I red a warning in another thread but did't get the answer what could happen if I'd try to update. I believe/hope an update would cure connectivity issues I have, my VPS module is dead, have ordered a...
  11. Hyper

    P3 standard 4K all ok except no video feed on cell

    hello everyone i am f rom canada Québec i live near ontario border ,i have a phantom 3 standard red strip 4 K i have it now for the last week buy use in good condition drone and app hasent been update and flown for over a year ivupdate firmware with sucess and all device fully charge .i run...
  12. C

    Crashed P3 4K rebuilding

    Hi guys, I got a P3 from somebody who unfortunately managed to stop the motors in flight with the sticks downward and inside... More or less survived, but the battery got a hit at a corner and the microsw with the body broke, then the gimbal just ripped out and the flex cable broke with the...
  13. L

    Replacing Phantom 3 4K with Mavic Air?

    Hi all! I've acquired a P3 4K two years ago, and am considering replacing it with a Mavic Air. I've read and watched many reviews on these drones, but I'm still not sure which one has the best video quality. Do you have any thoughts on that? Thanks a lot for your advice! Ludmila
  14. R

    Selling remote for Phantom 3 4k

    Hello, im selling phantom 3 4k remote perfect condition, used less than 15 times model: GL358wB
  15. H

    Phantom 3 4K motor

    Hello, One of my phantom 3 4K clockwise motor has stopped working. Which motor should I purchase and where can I get the one in India? Also I need to know whether it is necessary to calibrate the quad after changing the motor or not necessary? Thank you for the help.
  16. D

    Problem with my motherboard

    Hello everybody, I'm just about to repair my Dji phantom 3 pro 4k and noticed that somehow a few small components on my motherboard are broken. I would like to solder the individual components but I just can not find out what components were installed there (Unfortunately, there are no more...
  17. Infinite_parts

    DJI Phantom 3 PRO Gimbal Schematics / Board file / Soldering

    Hi, Probably someone already touched this topic (then please just give a link to it) - do you know where could I get some schematics for P3P gimbal? If there is anyone who has tried to re-solder components on gimbal board I would be pleased to chat. Cheers
  18. chrislongley

    Any P3 4k Experts? - Tricky Problem

    This afternoon (at 12:54 see log below) when trying to update firmware from P3XW_FW_V01.05.0040.bin to the newer P3XW_FW_V01.06.0050.bin there was a failure about 60% of the way through. DJI Go App suggested after that fail that I try again, but I can't. The aircraft powers up and so does the...
  19. B

    Six Flags San Antonio Texas

    This was done with my phantom 3 4k Six Flags San Antonio Texas If you love roller coasters you will like this
  20. S

    Just opened box, Getting Red,Yellow, and Green light. Says obstruction.

    Just opened box, Getting Red,Yellow, and Green light. Says obstruction. updated the firmware as well, didn't change anything