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Course Lock off center by 15 degrees.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dwcola, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. dwcola

    Apr 25, 2014
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    When entering into CL, the function works like intended only a straight line coward is
    off center to the left. If I push straight forward, it goes forward and banks left like I'm
    banking and pushing forward. If pulling straight back it goes back and to the right.
    All other functions work perfectly. I've calibrated and advance calibrated and calibrated
    in the field. All compass xyz data is in line. Any way to reset CL so toward is true coward?
    This would be a nose redirect but actually foward in any CL tangent follows that line.


    I found the solution for the CL reset. The issue was my mis-understanding of how the nose orientation is set.
    My understanding was that after placing the left toggle into CL mode and flying roughly 20 / 30 meters in a straight
    line, that line would be your new course. Apparently this isn't the case.

    To reset the CL nose orientation, toggle the left switch from OFF to CL 5 to 8 times and leave the toggle in the CL
    position. Within a few seconds, the rear tail lights will blink green rapidly confirming the new orientation of CL has
    been established.

    Without doing this above, I had turned off the phantom and on several times even over the course of several days, but
    the same CL was always set 15 degrees off center. It wasn't until I toggled that the new CL course was established.

    NOTE: Also, by toggling from CL to HL 5 to 8 times and leaving in HL mode, a new Home Base GPS point is created.
    Doing this in flight at any altitude does not affect the ground level at which the Phantom lands. This is controlled by
    the barometric sensor.
  2. Madwak

    Apr 2, 2014
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