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Close call (near miss/almost crash) with another DJI Phantom drone

Discussion in 'Photos and Video' started by firepol, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. firepol

    Apr 7, 2016
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    Zurich, Switzerland
    Ehm, I'm not proud of this but I share for the sake of learning purposes (and to get some more views in my channel ;) ).

    If you ever want to do the same thing I did: filming another drone... be careful! We knew we had to be careful but it was the first time we tried this, and we weren't careful enough...

    I wanted a shot where I can see a DJI Phantom in the air. Next time I'll make sure both drones are on different altitudes, I mean with at least a good reserve of 5m or so and we stay at those altitudes no matter what. The other pilot and I were at the same spot and the near miss was around 300m away from us. We were communicating like "ok I'm following you, keep going" etc. but still he stopped the drone and turned and I didn't really stop mine, which followed slowly almost into his Phantom or he also moved his drone back a bit...

    These machines are so fast that even when one moves slowly it's just a perception, in the air it seems they go faster than what you think.

    We were lucky this time and we concluded it's better to fly one drone at a time and if we do this again we have to take off exactly at the same altitude, extra check the altitude at the beginning in front of us and the drone in front should never stop like in this video... the follower has to stop first.

    Also to consider, far away we got interference because I believe further you go, more the signal seems to come from the same place. Not the best feeling.
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