close call

  1. C

    Almost Crashed My DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    So I was flying on a really windy day, and I took off from the top of a hill (I know, very bad idea) and it suddenly started flying left, into a patch of trees. I managed to gain control again and landed as soon as possible. I learned my lesson not to fly on a windy day.
  2. OOO

    Game of Drones

    This area truly is beautiful in the winter with the snow. Sadly, as of today, it is all melted away. I hope you enjoy it! * P4P * Recorded at 4K@60 fps * Uploaded at 4K@30 fps * No ND filter * ISO 100 * D-Cinelike * FCPX
  3. Michael Thompson

    Close Call With Seagull and Drone

    Yesterday at Ocean Beach, SF, CA. Scared the daylights out of the poor bird.
  4. firepol

    Close call (near miss/almost crash) with another DJI Phantom drone

    Ehm, I'm not proud of this but I share for the sake of learning purposes (and to get some more views in my channel ;) ). If you ever want to do the same thing I did: filming another drone... be careful! We knew we had to be careful but it was the first time we tried this, and we weren't careful...
  5. D

    Very close call and crash with my Dji Phantom 4

    Had my first crash and close call with my Phantom 4, lost rc signal and it started to return to home, thanks to the obsticle avoidance system it didnt crash, but it was hella close
  6. davidzimagery

    One tough bird, one sheepish flyer.

    I was having a hard time seeing the screen, so I decided to land it and pack up. As I transitioned from looking at the screen to line of sight, I misjudged the guide slope with the top of the tree. I thought it was going to either be caught 30 feet up the tree or 3 feet deep in the swamp...