near miss

  1. David Cooke

    CLOSE ENCOUNTERS - Aircraft and drones

    How hard is it to spot a Drone from an aircraft or an aircraft from a drone. New video shows both pilot and drone operators have only seconds. This video was produced last year by some fellow pilots and I around how hard it is to see a drone. As my old flight instructor used to say WATCH...
  2. David Cooke

    6 Seconds to a Mid-AIR

    This video was produced last year by some fellow pilots and I around how hard it is to see a drone. Most of them own their own aircraft and regularly fly in rural Ontario. Flat open spaces and mostly in good weather. So how hard is it to spot a drone when you are at the controls and what should...
  3. SteveEsqueda

    near miss with military helicopter

    this weekend I was flying at a beach in Corona Del Mar. It is not in a no fly zone, and I talked to a lifeguard to get permission. She said that she had recently spoke to the police about drones and they told her as long as you are not flying over people or disturbing wildlife ( there are a...
  4. Michael Thompson

    Close Call With Seagull and Drone

    Yesterday at Ocean Beach, SF, CA. Scared the daylights out of the poor bird.
  5. gringorio

    Bird Near Miss P3P

    Just a very short video. My first near miss with a bird while flying the Phantom. Not really too dramatic. Looks like the bird too evasive action at the last moment:
  6. firepol

    Close call (near miss/almost crash) with another DJI Phantom drone

    Ehm, I'm not proud of this but I share for the sake of learning purposes (and to get some more views in my channel ;) ). If you ever want to do the same thing I did: filming another drone... be careful! We knew we had to be careful but it was the first time we tried this, and we weren't careful...
  7. zander lane's gettin' crowded out there!

    ...had a little mid-air "unscheduled introduction" with another phantom the other day - no harm, no foul, but it made me want to remind everyone to SCAN YOUR AIRSPACE diligently before flying and best you can during flight, or even better, have a buddy help keep eyes on your flying!