Charging multiple LiPo's for FC40

Mar 28, 2015
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Can someone please help me with the charging of my LiPo's for my FC40.

I want to buy a charger that will charge multiple batteries at once.
I know I will need a balanced parallel plate, but not exactly sure of the charger I will need.

The plate on eBay talks about a IMAX B6ac charger, however there seems took be 2 versions, a 50w and a 80w. Which version do I need?

There are a few videos on YouTube, but they don't go into any detail.

Thanks in advance,
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The following battery chargers allow 3 batteries to be hooked up. It does not decrease the charging time -- just frees you up from having to hook up the next battery once the first has finished charging.
The Smart Powercharge can charge 4 batteries simultaneously. These might be available on eBay as well.
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Those are for the P2 (won't work with the FC40).

I'd just suggest getting another BC20-4 or two for $25 a pop (ebay).
Hello Simon, AKA Clunk, Welcome to the forum.

I'm with CityZen on this one. I have 3 chargers and it works well for me.
I will watch the thread though. Perhaps someone has a new find for us.
Those are for the P2 (won't work with the FC40).

I'd just suggest getting another BC20-4 or two for $25 a pop (ebay).

Why can't I use one of these?

And something like this:

Thanks in advance,
I believe that those distribution boards don't actually let the charger individually balance all the battery cells properly, since the charger cannot measure each cell individually. Also, they say you can't charge batteries with different levels of discharge at the same time. It's just not as good or flexible as having multiple chargers, in my opinion.
I've read that as long as the batteries are at roughly the same level of discharge (within .1 of each other), the parallel plate treats all the batteries add one large battery and balances all the cells automatically?
Hey Clunk,

There's a link on this page which will take you to a Texas A&M doc which has great info.
I'm looking forward to finding out what you ultimately decide.

Dur, here's the link:
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Hey man. I have the exact setup you are looking at. Parallel charging is nothing to be afraid of. All cells connected to that board self level to each others charge. Get the 80w b6ac charger, plug in all your batteries to that board. (Make sure all cells are within .1v of each other first). Wait 10 min to balance. Hit 6a balance charge if you have 2 or more batteries, and let it go. I usually charge 3 at a time. 6a is a little less than a 1c charge, but I don't have to swap batteries every thirty minutes. One hour and everything's done.
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I bought the charger clunk has a photo of in his post (the one with the 6 yellow ports showing), but it has a 6S cord that is supposed to attach to the original charger, but the original charger only goes up to 4S. Do they make an adapter that will utilize the 4S and 2S ports together?

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