Central Valley California

Coarsegold, Fresno, Madera. Have a p3 pro and ap2 plus v3. Retired with lots of time to fly.
From Roseville area from time to time. Moved to Nova Scotia a couple yrs. ago. I do travel back and forth. Maybe when in town will hook up.
San Ramon here. 3A probably do my first flight today Woo Hoo.
Any pilots in the Fresno area? I have a few buildings that may need aerial images and video soon. Would love to chat and talk over private message!
I'm out in Fresno, CA. Just got into the hobby. I have a P2 w/H3-3D gimbal. Does HobbyTown carry parts/accessories for the Phantoms?

Any parks or areas good to fly at? Basically just fly where ever you can I guess...LOL
THANKS! If I can just get through all the minutia on these forums so I'm not afraid to fly it. :D

Gotta just jump right into it...LoL. Won't learn unless it gets up in the air. I already crashed mine once and cut up my arm. Gotta remember the props aren't made of foam like the toy quads.
Anyone in the fresno/clovis area that flys? Looking for a meetup or just a place that people fly often in the area.
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I'm in Oakdale. Pro and standard. I'm in vacation for a week and would love to fly with someone for a change.
I'm in Modesto ca looking to fly with someone close by

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Let me know I just ordered the p3p.
I had been flying the p2v+
I should be getting the new bird by next week

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