Can you Fly your Phantom in the pouring Rain ?


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Jun 3, 2017
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The new Phantom 4 Rain Wetsuits are changing what the Phantom 4 is capable of.

The idea was to create a way to seal the Phantom 4 series drones so they simply did not take in water .
We are now able to fly the drone in a torrential down pour of rain for a consistent 26 minutes , with no water intake.

We also took a 5 x slow motion of how the water reacts to Neoprene Wetsuit and the design concepts we came up with.

People think that footage is not going to be good, but the video is fantastic as so many things like striking when wet , so if your up after a downfall or rain or storms you dont have to worry if its starts up again.

The best part is that it is designed to take the storm head on and as long as you can handle the winds , the footage is going to have a really unique perspective.

As there are very few video compared to others of Storm Footage, rain footage , thunder or lightning videos and the Phantom Rain Wetsuit is able to change that.

One of the nicest things about being able to film in the rain is that the number of people dwindle and you most likely have the place to yourself, this has been and added plus as sometimes there are just to many people to want to drone, so super cool.

For some people its rains almost every day and this is going to take the stress off as they fly the drone with no worries.

Lets take a look at the last storm we had in Ohio and how hard the rain came down and how amazing the Wetsuit protected the Phantom 4 Pro .

Here is the slow motion video we shot , and have since already updated the gimbal ring but slimming it down to .5mm slimmer and were still able to retain a very water resistant plug at the very bottom of the drone, this solved the horizontal rain experienced in storms and slows the intake of water if it plunges into a pool of water.

We have had great support, are international clients have been thrilled as it opens up a world of possibilities for them. News team from all over have contacted us now and have already put in for reorders for more of there drones to be made all weather resistant.

We have also made everyone aware that any updates we make to improve such as the thinner gimbal ring will be free to all are clients. So free upgrades to your unit.

We have done are best to keep a personal relationship open with everyone, to hear there thoughts and keep them happy with customer service which is solid.

With that being said here is the slow motion video slightly before we upgrade the Gimbal ring.

So one of the questions was did we change the Temp of the unit and the answer was if you let the
drone just sit in one spot for 30 minutes , you will change the temp up almost 5 degrees on the battery and the engine bays , but even with that , nothing to worry about at all.

Lot of people did not understand why we did not cover the entire unit with the Wetsuit and we did that at first until we realized that water was now sliding down the entire drone, the exact opposite of what we were trying to do. This is why we created the BI LEVELS on the drone so the water can not just slide down the drone but that it is forced to just drop off the drone. We also had to keep the WEIGHT down as low as we possibly could , something DJI let us know was very important and so the total weight is 3.5 ounces, well below anything that can effect the drone in any way.

The bottom line is that we did are homework, and came up with some really clever ways of solving all the problems we needed to solve to create and ALL WEATHER DRONE and the unique opportunities it provides.

We created a fun website to explore at and the Product we offer is the ORCA , its black and white and changes the game.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 3.21.02 PM.png

Here is an example of the Gimbal Ring, Keep in mind that DJI already has a seal that is inside but it is only held on my a fragile piece of tape. So we improved upon that by adding the Gimbal ring and creating are own seal around that sink hole, that can destroy drones. As mentioned it is now .5mm thinner thanks to 3M for working with us to make the Neoprene this way with the quantity we needed.

One of the issues we struggled with was how to create the covers for the ports on the drone and we tried many different ways but , the answer was to just create a place for plugs to be inserted and so we did just that .

Below you can see that one plug is in and the other is out as we built into the Surge Mask that stops all the water the normally slides down the drone into the sides of the unit.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 3.29.04 PM.png

We also went one step further , by taking one of the weakest parts of the drone , the Landing Gear legs and created support wraps that protect the internal components in the leg and increased the support around each one of them giving you a nice handle to single hand catch your drone. Great for when its wet , you can also get a good squeeze on the legs and not worry about cracking them.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 3.33.03 PM.png

The last puzzle that needed to be solved was how do we get you to put this on straight so you can get all the benefits and so what we did was we used the DJI logo that is etched ontop of your drone as the center point.

We also give you a rubber band to create a straight line across the drone so between those two points you can really nail the fit.

We also provide you with 8 videos that show you Step by Step how to install each part of the Wetsuit. These are not Chinese instructions where they think you are a genius and therefore just need pictures , these are videos , in depth with great focus on what you are doing and knowledge that will create a great experience.

With that said I want to talk about how we have stood behind are product, recently we had a guy from Puerto Rico whoose wife found out that he purchased the drone and not only keyed his car but keyes the drone right after he put the wetsuit on his brand new Phantom 4 Pro.

He sent the most disgusting pictures of his drone completely keyed and the Neoprene was a wreck , so we we made a video showing him how with a little goo gone, the neoprene will wipe right off and hopefully it will have protected the drone from scratches. Took him 30 minutes to completely remove the mangled neoprene and not a scratch on the drone.

Because the neoprene is 2.5mm it provides a really nice bit of protection for not only impact but trees, wires, rocks, and that was just another nice feature.

Yes we did send another unit out to him as we used the pictures for are own use.

I like to think that we can bring some love back to the Phantom 4 Series as this really changes the game for those that fly the Phantom 4 series of drones.



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