Can I Modify The Zenmuse Cable to Work with another Gimbal?

Apr 25, 2015
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Hello, I need some help from the community because I haven't seen anything on the internet on this...

I have a phantom 2 (obviously) and I have bought a walkera g2d off amazon for 79 dollars. (Because I Absolutely refuse to buy a $300 zenmuse) I have got it working by tapping off the P2's power and running a JST through the leg of the phantom. However, I need it to pitch using the lever, and trying to use the F2 port on the naza won't work because the phantom 2 assistant doesn't support it. I noticed this cable running through the leg of the phantom (Picture Attached) and I have done some research, and I have found out it was the cable to connect the zenmuse to the phantom for video transmission, pitch control, power, etc.. I was wondering of there was any way to cut one of the ends off the zenmuse cable and wire ONLY the pitch control wires to my walkera... I am not concerned about power or video transmission. Is there anything on the phantom or the gimbal to prevent this from working? Also if you know of any wiring diagrams for this cable can you please direct me to one? Also please let me know if you have any questions about what I am asking.. Thanks in advance, Collin


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The Phantom actually does support pitch using F2, since that's what the Vision (regular, not Plus) does. Look around the Assistant for it.

The Zenmuse cable supplies power and the CAN bus (plus video back to the main board). You can't control regular gimbals with it. (Unless you program an MCU to decode the CAN bus messages).
Thanks! I've had issues finding the appropriate assistant. I tried the phantom 2 assistant but it doesn't have all of the settings like the original naza. I have heard about a V2 naza assistant but I have no idea where to download it...
I'm referring to the Phantom 2 Assistant. I don't have it in front of me now, but check under Advanced/Gimbal.

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