BT-300 Edson - first time in the field

Feb 14, 2017
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I’ve read mixed reviews on these, but wanted to try a FPV option with my drone. I have a prescription, so when I first received my DJI ready version of the Moverio glasses, I was really disappointed. Out of the box, this model just doesn’t work on top of another set of glasses. No matter how I tried to adjust them, I would get blurry edges and noticeable blind spots. I just about returned them, thinking it was a lost cause.

Luckily, there was an flyer in the package from Rochester optical to provide a custom prescription insert. The insert corrects for your vision and variances in your PD vs the fixed standard that the glasses support. It cost another $200 for the custom insert, but it works perfectly.

I spent a day flying at the beach in various lighting conditions, from bright and sunny to cloudy. The display is bright and clear in all conditions when using the included mirrored shades. At the same time, you can actually see what’s going on around you. It takes a moment to get used to the overlapping image, but I was able to adjust to looking at the display and then glancing out at the actual drone quite quickly. It’s analogous to a heads up display, and I was able to concentrate on either or both naturally almost immediately.

It’s still not the same as actually flying, but it’s immersive, easy to use and provides a vastly better display then I was able to get with my iPad. They are not cheap, at nearly $1k when you add in the prescription insert. But, for a very functional FPV option, they are a good bet.
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