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Bad Crash after updating to firmware 3.0

Discussion in 'Firmware' started by ElevatedAir, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. ElevatedAir

    Apr 19, 2014
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    Has anyone else experienced this? I updated my system with the new 3.0 firmware today and then went out for a little test flight. Worked fine using my DJI transmitter. Smooth landing and all.

    Then I enabled my Ground Station and connected via BTM to my Phantom 2 (non vision). Did one small flight out to 4 waypoints using the default flight height. Worked great. Flew to all 4 waypoints and then returned home all on it's own.

    Next flight I set 5 waypoints and adjusted the height settings as follows: WP1 - 100 feet WP2 150 feet WP3 175 feet WP4 200 feet WP5 150 feel. Flight did fine accending at each waypoint and then decending at WP5. At WP5 it began to decend to return home when the Phantom started decending faster (visually....as I didnt look at my IPAD because I was in panic mode) than the 3 m/s default. It began to wobble and lost lift around 80 feet as I was switching my transmitter to overide to manual flight mode.

    Needless to say, it went out of control and crashed straight into the ground. Now my H3-2D is bent at the L bracket and the jello mount destroyed. Luckly the Phantom only recieved small scratches and it looks like the AIR end on my 2.4ghz data link survived.

    Has anyone else had this happen since update? Was working fine for 30+ flights before update.
  2. IrishSights

    Jan 14, 2014
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    Bangor, Northern Ireland, UK
    Yesterday I started a GS mission that did not go according to the programmed mission. I took off on level ground mud flats. I then hit the go button as usual where it should have flown to its first waypoint at 10m. It flew to the waypoint but desended slowly almost getting to the mud surface. I flicked it into GPS and it ascended. I checked over the mission plan and all was OK. The only thing that was different during this flight was that the previous night I had set it into IOC mode. I can't see that that should make any difference. I'll be trying to replicate the situation on a smaller scale to see what happens.

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  3. JJFxR

    Apr 2, 2014
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    I do not have a ground station, and I'm still on 2.0 firmware, but I just had a nearly identical experience with an auto landing. I'd triggered a return to home via my transmitter switch, and everything seemed to be operating normally up until about 30 ft. or so.

    Like your instance, the Phantom began to wobble a great deal and rapidly descended until smacking the ground landing gear first. It bounced and then ascended approximately 10 ft. I switched out of Failsafe mode and back to direct control and landed manually.

    It seemed to fly without issues and I landed it with no problems. The Zenmuse gimbal appears to be bent. Not sure if it is just the bracket or the arm yet. Kinda shook my confidence in the failsafe landings (which up until now were always perfect). There was zero wind, and the conditions were just about as perfect as you could wish for.

    Anyone had success bending a bracket back into shape? The GoPro seems to be held at a slight angle by default. Hate that replacement brackets seem to be $75, but I guess things could have been far worse.
  4. canadavenyc

    Apr 16, 2014
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    Crazy question, and I warn in advance that I may be asking completely out of ignorance, since my P2 is yet to arrive at my door and I haven't logged a single flight:

    I've read a number of stories of the Phantom dropping for no apparent reason, such as in this case. Is there any possibility that the altimeter on the Phantom is taking inaccurate readings, and is somehow interpreting, say, 30 feet, as 0 feet? If so, and if it descended below 30 feet, would it "get confused" at possible negative altitude readings, and that might account for the unexplained drops?
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