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Are all P2V+'s built in the same factory?

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by jaxbert, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. jaxbert

    Jul 11, 2014
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    This is really just an observation...

    I am on my third bird in a little over a month.

    The first one: I thought it worked okay, until one day I had trouble getting a compass calibration after it went through a TSA X-Ray. I thought it was okay after a IMU calibration and the magnet trick, but as I was landing after the third flight it went crazy and flew into some rocks.... It killed the gimbal. Amazon took it back, as I can argue it was a manufacturers defect.

    The interesting thing, I could only get this thing to go 350 feet in the air, or 600 feet away before it lost signal and wanted to return home.

    The Second one: I only flew this one TWICE. It took FOREVER to get satellite lock. It constantly lost satellites when in the air. It would never fly straight. It just wasn't "right". I returned it to Amazon in perfect condition... Amazon refunded me.

    The third one: I purchased from B&H Photo. This is the only one of the three that was already in FCC mode out of the box. This thing gets 7+ satellite locks in about 30 seconds... tends to fly with 10+. It flies further then the other two. I lost FPV @ a little over 1000 feet away on my furthest flight, but never lost RC. It's like a totally different model.

    So as I read all the threads about people who have absolutely no problems after hundreds of flights, vs people who have to do GPS mods, have flyways, and everything else.... I have to wonder if these are all made in the same Chinese factory with identical components, or if there is a realistic quality difference, and some are just lemons?
  2. lsteigerwalt

    Jun 20, 2014
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    Sumter South Carolina
    I think they are outsourcing parts and are getting them from various vendors which causes the issues we are having...
  3. DBS


    Apr 6, 2014
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    Ft. Pierce, Florida
    There are quality control issues that hint toward this type of end result...

    There's a wiring problem in the repeater that I can't imagine how they overlooked it... really bad 180° kinks in the antenna wires when they are installed with the copper/foam/tape shielding... stuff like that will make every extender have a unique "range of its own" that has nothing to do with specs.

    The receiver antennas in the landing gear need to be checked for straight and plum... I've had my hands on 4 different Vision plus models and they are all different with different degrees of being bent or curved or sticking out at an angle vibrating around in the wind... not ideal for consistent results

    Wifi antennas inside the bird not being plugged in at all... there is one antenna with a short wire and one with a long wire inside the Phantom... so when the bottom end is assembled ... If they are installed in the opposite location... When the top end is finished and boards all screwed down ... When they go to plug in antennas ... One wire won't reach the wifi module... you can see DJI addressed that issue by marking the antennas with arrows in the latest builds so they can only be mounted one way and thereby solving that problem... (I bet they shipped a bunch with one antenna not connected)

    The copper/foam/tape shield on the inside upper body to shield the GPS module has issues as well... it is flexible and wrinkled and has a hole in it for the wires... no consistency there so results are all over the place and people have taken to the forums to fix it themselves...

    Vibration issues... wires being stuffed into the body wrong and sandwiched between the upper body shell and the NAZA fc .. transferring vibration directly into something that is supposed to be isolated by its sticky dampener mounting foam tape...


    To many variables ... bound to be quite a few rejects and complaints with a setup like this :|
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