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Another new guy in so cal (yorba Linda, CA)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by wakebrdr94, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. wakebrdr94

    Jan 19, 2016
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    I've been playing around on an aviax H20 drone for the last 4 months trying to learn the basics. I think I have that down pretty well and upped the game to a Phantom 3 Standard today. I do filming while out on the boat wakeboarding, surfing, etc, and wanted to up the footage just from gopro shots from the boat or chase boat. I figured this would be a great place for information, and hopefully after I have acquired some knowledge, I'll be able to help others as well.

    I don't plan on flying over the water right off the bat as I figured it would be a good idea to get the feel for this bird first, but as usual, any tips for the new guy is always appreciated. I do not plan of flying out of line of site and will mainly be used for boating activity. I have already got a registration number, and I know do not practice over people.

    Thanks and look forward to some great conversations
  2. dirkclod

    dirkclod Moderator
    Staff Member

    May 9, 2014
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    Amory Mississippi
    Welcome to the forum and look forward to having you here .
    PP has many smart folks here with many hours of stick time
    and need anything you can't find searching. Just ask :)
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