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Jun 18, 2016
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Just my opinion ....

I promised I would give a fair review of hood

Well the wait was worth it! It has a "little bit" of an unfinished, naked plastic agricultural type feel/material look about it, (maybe a lick of spray paint could make it more "consumer/hobbyist" cosmetic pleasing...but in no way does that effect its performance.
In saying that it looks more "professional/industrial rather than Hong Kong plastic...

Near perfect sun glare blocking, (98%)

VERY easy access to the all important functions buttons on the iPad, apart from being able to access iPad AirPlay bottom swipe up.
No more putting your arm up a cows arse to touch screen!

Good sturdy construction.
I made a mistake by not understanding Stacy doesn't supply the alloy mount bracket to replace the flimsy dji plastic mount, which worries me a little as it now feels at its limit with Stacys hood and iPad. But that doesn't effect the excellent build design of the hood.
Stacy has promised to help me sort that issue out.
The clever design secures the iPad without the need of fiddly brackets. Very very clever design! Best to Watch his video to understand what I mean, but no more worries of iPad slipping out when doing the calibration dance/battery change/tie shoe laces/lighting a cigarette!
All said and done, one may say it's an expensive "accessory" but for me I feel I spent my money wisely and feel I've paid fair money for a very clever design that's robust and does its job perfectly made by someone who clearly understands what was needed . Well done Stacy. No more headaches for me from screen glare!
(Just for record I have no connection with Stacy (I'm in the UK) just giving my opinion and honest review.

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Jul 28, 2016
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Tried many sunshades before finding this one-I wish it was the first one I tried. I fly almost exclusively over water so sun glare is particularly difficult in my situation. Stacey's sunshade is the only sunshade I found that works for me. Before I purchased it, I had given up flying until sunset. I can now fly anytime day or night. It's the only sunshade that actually works like a sunshade should.

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