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May 26, 2015
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Suffolk UK
Hi everyone
I could really use some advice from people that know what they're talking about, I have been saving hard to buy a phantom and have fallen for a 3 my problem is.
Do I need 4k video- probably not 1080p should be fine?

How much longer does it take to charge a battery with the advanced charger over the professional?

Where is the best place to buy from, I have a localish shop (Buzzflyer) which I am told has a good reputation and I can get an advanced with extra battery for £979 alternatively I have found a company on eBay called besthobbiesiteuk which apparently dispatch from Manchester but are China based who can send me a professional for £999 without extra battery!
I guess that it is nice to support your local shop and the help and piece of mind has a value- but how much? I can't warrant £1200 plus on what apart from a Syma x5c will be my first quadcopter but don't want that feeling in a month or two of if only I had spent another 100 quid or so.
I hope you can understand my dilemma and thank you for any advice in advance.
If you have to work hard to save 1400 dollars this is not the toy for you. just my 2 cents
I'm not a fan of buzz flyer! I purchased over £30,000 of DJI products and they were not interested. I use RCgeeks who are great. Just my opinion.
I have only had one friend recommend Buzzflyer so am not sold on them but they are only an hour away so I hope would be useful to talk to, having said that I tried to ring them twice today to check stock with no answer!
I will check out rc geeks.
Another thought- I have an ipad2 which the pilot app doesn't like and an iPhone 5s which should be ok but what is the best value bigger screen you guys have found that is compatible with the dji app?
I bought a phantom from buzzflyer a long time ago, after 2 months of having it the rubber on the main power cable to the battery became split and damaged, this was due to the tight connection of the XT60 lead connectors and me pulling it about while disconnecting it , which i later learned could be loosened a little inside with some snipe nose pliers and that problem resolved. However i rang buzzflyer about the problem, and they said while dji would not cover this under warranty which i didn't expect, they would be happy to take the phantom apart and fit a new power lead from the main board for me at no cost. I sent the phantom back to them and they did this and sent it back to me the very next day, this is something i feel they did not need to do and only did to provide good costumer service which they did outstandingly. I would recommend them to anyone they really looked after me, the only reason i didn't buy from them this time is because they were not taking pre orders for the P3 until a few weeks after release.
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Hi Atom
I have been looking at the mini2 but as I already have a good iPad 2 it seems a shame to buy one I was looking for a more of a budget screen that I could use solely for the quadcopter.
I brought my battery down to 7% ( was shooting for 8%) the other day after flying by just letting the P3P sit on my counter while still on. I think let the battery cool for 2 hours and charged it up. It took about 1hr and 2min to complete the charge. This was my first attempt at the bring the battery down to 8% every 20 cycles concept. I don't have a P3A but maybe someone could tell you how long a charge takes from a battery that low.
Hi Bambola, i pre-ordered my P3 Pro from Buzzflyer on saturday 2nd May and it was delivered on wednesday 6 May, i was not keen on the packaging as it was just brown paper wrapped around the P3P box, luckily no damage and flew 14 times flawlessly, i also pre-ordered the extra battery but like everywhere else i was told this will be shipped at a later date, in answer to your question you only need 4k if you are able to view it on your pc or 4k tv which i have.
Like emoney609 said you can still record 1080p with the pro but why bother with all the expense if you cannot use the 4k?
My P3P battery takes around 1 hour to charge with around 20% in there.
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I pretty sure most of us work hard to buy stuff....o_O

I went with the P3A. I don't have a 4k TV and so far I'm happy with the P3A.
My point is you can lose your 1400 dollars in a week with one mistake if you cannot afford to take that risk you should not buy a phantom.
I think affordability is relative to the product, I own a house that I cant afford to buy outright but pay for via a mortgage, I had a yacht until recently which was £43000 which I couldn't warrant keeping due to lack of use. £1000 for a quadcopter isn't high on my list of priorities and is just a hobbie/ toy to keep me entertained so I saved a little here and there and now have enough to buy it.
Could I afford to loose it - well it wouldn't make me homeless and I could still enjoy a glass of wine with dinner but I would be really really pissed off!
While I haven't had time to test as of yet, I can tell you that I have a Samsung NX1 4k camera and shooting in 4k and scaling down to 1080p, looks better than shooting in 1080p. I'm betting the same will be for the P3P as well, but haven't tested yet.

It won't take long before 4k TV's are the norm either and then you will have to upscale.
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