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Feb 27, 2015
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San Luis Obispo CA.
Hi, selling a full functioning nice condition DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone - Quadcopter. The drone is capable of filming HD videos at 2.7k (that’s 2.5 times above standard 1080p) at over a mile away in the air. This is an adult toy with incredible video, picture and flight range capabilities. The drone uses a proprietary Light Bridge Technology- not WiFi, hence the amazing range to view what the camera sees in 720P from your iPad/iPhone or Android. Great fun while camping or for filming events :)

Flight time is around 20 minutes. With the 3 included batteries you could fly for an hour. The drone uses GPS to mark it’s location and hover nearly perfectly without any input from the remote. The drone returns to the original launch point automatically if it flies out of range or when the battery gets low. It’s amazing technology and great fun to see things you wouldn't normally get to see!

Official specs and many great videos are easily found on the internet.

To be clear this is the Advanced model of the Phantom 3, as noted by the silver decals on the arms of the drone. The Standard model has red decals on the arms and is only capable of about half the flying range.

All original packaging- would make a
great gift :)

The kit includes: everything as it would new plus:

- (3) full functioning batteries
-batterty charger capable of charging all 3 batteries at once (see pic)
-Go Professional (GPC) Mole backpack Case
-32 GB micro SD card
-Extra set of spare propellers
-Collapsible iPad shade
-Removable propeller guards
-Extra lens cover
-Upgraded remote control tablet holder
-New Drone Pilot safety vest
-Aftermarket reinforcements for the camera mount (in the event of a crash).
and much more...

Asking $700 for the complete kit. Drone alone new was $999 (see pic) and each additional battery was over $100.

Located in California- If you’ve found this ad the drone is still for sale :)


Mark B58F308F-1874-4A83-9DEB-CBC80DDAB3F6.jpeg 072BE0B7-B543-43B8-8403-280DB0FF78C7.jpeg 7B1493E9-A436-4B0E-AACE-80B145A82873.jpeg 7DFA8503-545E-4350-B22F-B4A029E8BE00.jpeg 3B0AC02E-3FC7-47DC-99F6-99EA24E4D588.jpeg

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