Abraham Lincoln was my passenger

Jun 6, 2015
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Gather around kids, I'm going to tell you story you will find hard to believe, but its true.

Shortly after I began flying my Phantom, a gift from my exceptionally lovely and excessively generous wife, I crashed it. No surprise there, eh? When I picked it up, it had a rattle it didn't have before. Since it still flew fine, I kept flying it until I had crashed it sufficiently to require a trip to a repair station. I sent it to Drone Nerds in North Miami, and they returned it in perfect flying condition. To shorten the story, I'll skip to the part where it needed another trip to Drone Nerds. Again, it was returned in perfect flying condition. As luck would have it, I had a hard landing, some hyper-critical people might call a crash, and the RATTLE returned! Well, I had watched enough videos on YouTube of people modifying their Phantoms, so I felt confident I could remove the top cover without destroying anything. I placed it upside down on a clean placemat on our dining room table and proceeded to remove the necessary screws and peel back the red stripe tapes. With the top cover fully loose, I turned it over, carefully holding the top cover close to the bottom, and, as I turned it over, a penny fell out! Yep, a penny. A real United States one-cent piece, minted in Denver in 1998. Well, when it comes to the innards of the Phantom with its sensors, chips and stuff, I posses the intelligence approaching that of a coal bucket. So, I called Drone Nerds to ask if the penny was a counterbalance, or something that was actually needed. They began suggesting the penny must have slipped in one of the cooling vents during one of my many "hard landings". Even a casual inspection of the cooling vents reveals the impossibility of slipping a penny through one of them. They claimed no knowledge of how the penny could have gotten inside the Phantom. Far be it from me to suggest they put it in there, but they were the only one I know of that had the Phantom open. Anyway, the penny is out, Honest Abe is grounded, the Phantom flies fine, and I have moved to open fields away from any structures to bump into. I'm proud to report, no hard landings since the move to open country, but I realize I've still got a lot to learn and I will be scouring these posts to learn it. I hope you enjoyed the story, and If you wish to speculate on how Abe stowed away, feel free to reply. Later guys (and gals).
Dec 16, 2014
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North Carolina US
well.... if it was the cause of the first rattle it meant a person from China inserted the penny - highly unlikely.... What and where would a Chinese line worker get access to US $, yet alone a penny.

Which Phantom is it that you fly? If P3 they are so new that they came from China direct. If P2V2+, could have been refurbished and sold as new by a vendor/ DJI which could be the reason Honest Abe has been hitchhiking.

To bad Drone Nerds didn't insert a dollar as we all know George Washington never told a lie.

Why or how Honest Abe was there, who knows you're just lucky he didn't short anything out on the ESC's etc...
Jul 26, 2014
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I believe you could slip a penny in through the battery compartment. Perhaps a penny found its way in while you were transporting it.
Apr 10, 2015
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Regardless of how it got there a penny is conductive material and can short out the main board or ESC'S if it works its way there. One of those crashes may have been Penney wise. Not good.

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