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Apr 30, 2015
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Cardiff, Wales. UK
Finally the weather decided to give me a chance to fly, so this afternoon I skipped the gym & went flying instead.

After upgrading the GPS receiver plate (?), I was eager to see if it made much of a difference - it has! I was averaging 8 satellites, so that gave me the confidence to push a little bit. I ran through three battery packs and tested my own bravery horizontally and vertically, taking my phantom well beyond normal visual range (800ft was as far as I dared) & switching to the FPV view on my phone to get an idea of what was going on.

A few times I lost the video feed, most of the time it came back fairly quickly, but I will admit I got a bit jittery & invoked RTH on S1. On my second pack I thought I'd have a go at some altitude work, since everything was going so well. I have no idea how high I'd gotten but the phantom was a mere speck - and it was at this point that I saw 'control signal lost' on the app; Squeaky bum time.

I was pretty chuffed when I heard the buzz of the props again as it came back towards me, and I took control back for a gentle descent. Then I got bored with the gentle descent & sent it into a spiral... I'm paranoid about VRS.

My final pack was spent in ATTI mode practicing banked turns, speed runs, hand catches & just mucking about. It was great fun.

I just hope it lasts :)


Looks like it was a beautiful day. Glad you were able to test out the ole pilot skill. Glad you enjoyed it.
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