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1 XMTR - 2 P3Ps

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by dec, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. dec


    Mar 24, 2014
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    (*** NO I am not attempting to fly 2 birds at once off 1 Xmtr ***)

    I've recently came into ownership of 2 P3P's and I'm researching my options. Can I use 1 XMTR binded to each aircraft? From looking in the forum, it appears "BIND to aircraft 1 or 2" will have to be done each time switching aircraft.

    I plan to fly using the same tablet/app, which doesn't seem to be an issue. The 2d aircraft has a XMTR and really the only reason I'm thinking of using one is just for familiarity / comfort / simplicity if in fact using one as I swap to the other aircraft is simple to bind.

    Anyone with tips, input, how-to or lessons learned, those tips/comments would be very much appreciated.

    Kind regards

    DC in HSV
  2. rockydog

    May 25, 2015
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    London UK
    You're correct in thinking that you can use one controller for both aircraft, although it will require re-binding each time you swap.
    You need to remember that most of the settings such as RTH height, what the aircraft does in the event of loss of signal -(hover/land/RTH)- camera settings etc. are stored in the aircraft...not in the controller or the app. Just make sure you've got both aircraft set up the same to avoid any nasty surprises!
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