1. T

    Phantom 3 4K firmware update without VPS module?

    Hello! Anyone has an experience about software update with VPS module disconnected? I red a warning in another thread but did't get the answer what could happen if I'd try to update. I believe/hope an update would cure connectivity issues I have, my VPS module is dead, have ordered a...
  2. Jollino

    Maiden flight: a few questions by a newbie

    Hello all! As I wrote in the Introductions subforums, I'm a newbie to "real" quads. I had a toy Syma for a while, but went for the big upgrade and got a Phantom 3 Advanced. (I was originally aiming at the standard, but then I thought: "why not?") I got it yesterday and this morning I had my...
  3. tml4191

    Here is how to turn off the VPS on a P4P/P4 - Manually

    Materials Used: 1.) Painter's Tape 2.) Silicone Tape 3.) Pencil 4.) Razor 5.) Paper What's the point of turning off VPS? People usually turn off the VPS when they fly over water or if they run battery mods. Steps 1.) Place a piece of paper over the sensors 2.) Run the pencil back and forth...
  4. victorymike

    Android DJI Go 3.1.3 VPS

    Android OS. Samsung Note 4 and Nvidia Shield tablet with latest updates. I can't disable the vision positioning on my p3p in either dji go 3.1.3 or litchi 3.10.5 I made a gimbal plate to mount my 360 camera and I am sure that it interferes with the sensors. I googled and found...
  5. J

    no VPS mode options in advanced settings

    in my advanced setting on the DJI app i can't find the "disable VPS mode" ( i want to fly near water)
  6. Nick Wenzel

    P3 Standard low water shots

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking of pulling off a low shot close to water. My concern is that since the standard doesn't have the downward positioning system, it relies off of the altimeter. And apparently the P3S altimeter can be a bit dodgy. Has anyone tried a low shot close to water with the P3S...
  7. L

    **Wanted** Phantom 3 Professionals 4k Broken Gimbal OR RX/VPS *FAN*

    If anybody out there has a broken p3p gimbal will you PLEASE sell me the little fan??? I don't need the whole Camera, just the fan.. (if it works & works quietly) OR I'll buy the Rx/VPS Fan!? I am desperately looking for a replacement but cannot find one... I did manage to find them from a...
  8. L

    P3P VPS/ Ultrasonic question. Need help!

    I have a technical question for anybody that can answer it. I have a brand new 2016 model P3P. . When I listen to my ultrasonic sensors I can hear a slight clicking. The problem I'm having is when I cover one of the sensors (with my finger), only one of them is clicking and the other does...
  9. J

    Clicking noise from sensors?

    Hey all I am a total rookie and know little about drones. I know how to fly them and all but I'm new to all the new hardware. I mainly use my P3A for videography I purchased the P3A last week. Took it out of the box (Yes I read the manual and everything) tested everything and is working. Then I...
  10. BayouBill

    Wish I could turn off VPS

    Yes, I know you can turn off VPS in the app. But that only tells the P3 to ignore it for navigation. The VPS hardware stays powered up and gets really hot. That is a lot of power being sapped form the battery. Anybody been able to turn off VPS hardware?
  11. T

    Extreme cold temperatures and dogs

    Hi! I am planning to get me a phantom 4. Have had 5+hours on a phatom 3 and am really convinced. My main object for filming would be at work with huskies. I have been trying to search if its possible to turn off any ultrasound from the machine and I have got the idea that its related to the...
  12. SnazzyQ

    Gimbal Disconnected. Compass Error. Daughter Board Dead?

    Hi guys, Been a long time since I posted. My P3P crashed itself several months ago and due to the winter (and a voided warranty due to DBSMods), it sat in my carrying case unfixed. I finally got inspired to fix it this week while I wait for my P4 and I'm totally frustrated. Initially, the main...
  13. gringorio

    VPS and Next Phantom Version

    With all the hub-bub about the announcement of a potential release of a P4 and talk about internal VPS, I have to ask, why even have VPS? How many of you use it and how often? To me it seems like the space for the VPS could be used for other practical features or just not include it and save...
  14. jimerb

    Vision Positioning System - What height does it matter above water?

    I'm seeing some mixed posts saying to disable the VPS over water but on other posts it says that the VPS can get disoriented only a few feet above water. Can anyone clarify: Below what height should the VPS be turned off if you are not over just water? For example there is a lake I fly over...
  15. Mario_SB

    Vision Positioning System: Battery Savings --- On vs Off

    Has anyone noticed any battery savings by turning off the VPS? I'm assuming any savings would probably be minimal but I've gone ahead and turned mine off since I'm not flying indoors. I'll report back any findings...
  16. Signals

    A Successful Calibration does not always mean a Good Calibration

    raryrokni, in the DJI forum verified that the Phantom 3 would tend to flip over if you land and then try to take off again after idling your motors (not killing them). see this thread: DJI Forum|Compass info that may interest you We later figured out that it is the VPS causing this and when...