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  1. J

    P4 Firmware P4P V2 - Wanting a copy of RC firmware V01.00.1000

    Hello Its simple... IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT. And ironically... ITS NOW BROKE, SO I GOTTA FIX IT. Looking for a copy of RC firmware V01.00.1000. Would be grateful if you had a copy. Please dropbox it too. DJI - Google Drive Thanks
  2. C

    Phantom 3 gear (backpack, remote, batteries, etc.) Everything but the drone! $390

    Selling a whole set of used gear for the Phantom 3 Professional--hardshell backpack, remote control, 3 batteries, 3 propeller sets, power adapter and other replacement pieces. It's everything but the drone (which I crashed into a river)! See the list below for descriptions and additional...
  3. B

    Phantom 3SE remote tablet mount removal

    I am attempting to replace the stock tablet / phone holder with a slightly larger one because I have a Samsung Tab S and its just slightly too big for the stock mount. The controller for the 3SE has two points where the mount attaches, the loop looking attachment dead center on the remote and...
  4. Sammyshack10

    P4A with P4p+ RC

    I am wondering if I am able to use a p4p+ remote with a p4a? I want to use the RC because of the 1080 output that I want to use for livestreaming. Thanks!
  5. N

    What RX 3rd party or OEM can i bind with my P4 controller?

    What 3rd Party or OEM telemetry receiver (RX) can i bind with my P4 controller? I'm soon to build a freestyle quad and don't have the budget to buy a $100-$200+ transmitter, and would like to re-use my DJI P4 controller. Looking for low cost obviously. NOT CONCERNED ABOUT VIDEO (VTX), only...
  6. FlyingChair

    RFC: Birdhouse - a robotic FPV airport

    Hello PhantomPilots! I could use your feedback on a product I'm developing called "Birdhouse". Its a remote, robotic FPV airport for consumer drones like the Phantom. Prototype stage, but ready to spill the beans: Flying Chair - Introducing Birdhouse Birdhouse installs outside and connects to...
  7. M

    Switching from an iPhone to an Android

    I am a new Phantom 3 advanced pilot. I have DJI GO installed on both an iPhone and a android. After I installed it, and flown the aircraft, on the iPhone, I can't get my android to recognize the RC or the aircraft. Is firmware different for the iPhone then it is for the android? Thanks, Ed
  8. M

    HDMI Board... Desperate for Help

    I'm in dire need of help. I have a P4 and bought the DJI goggles about 6 weeks ago. At the same time I bought the HDMI board upgrade for my P4 remote. I successfully removed the default USB board and installed the new HDMI board. Once I had the HDMI circuit board in and secured (but before...
  9. B

    Remote Control won't turn off

    Phantom 3 Professional - The remote won't turn off and continues to beep. Any suggestions to troubleshoot? Thanks.
  10. P

    Aircraft Disconnected, Aircraft Battery temp n/a, gimbal disconnected

    My phantom 3 standard started acting up. I recently replaced the ribbon when all of this started happening. On the DJI Go app it says that the aircraft is disconnected. Also when I go into the status it says that the aircraft battery is N/A. And that the gimbal is disconnected. I went through...
  11. F

    Phantom 4 Controller not fully charging

    For some reason when i charge my remote it only gets to 2 blinking lights and after a few minutes it stops charging. I havent been able to find an easy fix or solution other than reaching out to DJI which from what i hear they are not very reliable or helpful. Has anyone found a DIY hack or fix...
  12. along_faiz

    Phantom 4 Pro Remote

    Im having a problem with my P4P remote. Its keep beeping and blinking as soon as I on the remote. Have done everything that others people have been told like adjust the throttle but its not working. The only solution that I got is as soon as I on the remote I go the DJIGO4 aps and I calibrate...
  13. B

    A New Datalink 3 Remote from DJI.

    A DJI remote on steriods. It is currently being tested for the Chinese market. Personally, I like the remotes that come with the P 4. However, you can't deny the extra addition to this remote.
  14. Habanero

    Brand new never used P3P/A Remote RC

    Brand new never used P3P/A Remote Gl300c.... still in packet. This it's fresh from a new bird but I'm using a already moded remote.... $140 shipped If you like me to do the conections for external antennas, it's an option and I take the risk.... Will post pics later... just a new remote...
  15. Roi

    Need files for RC firmware downgade

    Hello, I like to downgrade the firmware of theRC of my P3S from 1.6.8 to 1.5.7 because of the range problems. Unfortunally I deleted the firmware cache of my DJI GO app... :-( In this thread I learned a bit about this procedure. I kindly ask you for files you might have left on you DJI GO...
  16. jdwarren

    P3 Firmware Issues Updating RC Firmware

    Hey all, Just got my P3P. In my DJI app (version 2.8.6 iOS) I am receiving an error that my remote controller needs upgrading. I have downloaded and installed the new RC version (1.6.0) but the new firmware is not "sticking". In the "about" section is shows that the remote controller...
  17. J

    P4 Remote Beeping Uncontrollably

    Hi Everyone. I just bought the p4 less than a week ago. After my last flight i left the drone and controller packed ready for my trip (tomorrow....yikes!) When i came in today, the remote was beeping uncontrollably and was quite warm. I turned it off and back on again. When it turned back on, it...
  18. Mike_in_Letcombe

    SOLD! DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus (V3.0)

    SORRY, NOW SOLD!! I have a Phantom 2 Vision Plus, newest version 3.0 and WAS working perfectly. However, the WI-FI module has gone wrong and, although you can still fly the Phantom plus take pictures / video, the live feed stopped working. You can't get hold of these modules for love or money...
  19. D

    F/S - DJI Phantom 3 ADV / GL300C Remote Control - parting out

    I have a P3A that was crashed less than 2 months old. One of the propellers came off in flight and down she went. .. SOLD Remoter Control Transmitter GL300C (Newest Model). Can also be used with the Phantom 4. $150 obo SOLD .. SOLD Camera & Gimbal. The Yaw arm & Ribbon cable have been...
  20. S

    P3P RC WTB or help fix :(

    So my RC screws all broke and the controller fell apart, I've looked over it very carefully and everything works fine except the C1 C2 buttons and the USB and microusb ports, now looking at the ribbon cable that goes from mainboard to com board, it doesn't appear to have any breaks or anything...